1 x Family Pass to The Unbelievables at Sydney Opera House

The Unbelievables

From the producers of Illusionists & Circus 1903, The Unbelievables, Sydney Opera House’s new summer spectacular is almost here!! This HUGE theatrical family extravaganza, made up of the world’s best circus, magic and acrobatic performers, opens in Sydney 19-29 December.

It’s a fast-paced entertainment spectacle jam-packed with death-defying acrobats and aerial acts, mind-blowing illusions, comedy, and award-winning ballroom dance, all backed by an incredible six-piece swing orchestra.
The family pass is non-transferable the tickets are only available for the 19th of December performance.

The Family pass covers 2 x adult tickets and 2 x children tickets with a RRP of $300.

Find out more on The Unbelievables here

To enter, simply comment below telling us “Which performer are you MOST excited to see live in the HUGE theatrical family extravaganza, The Unbelievables? “


By entering you agree to the following terms and conditions.
The competition starts 5 December and ends at midnight on the 10th December. There will be 1 individual winner of the prize as detailed above. You can enter as many times as you want. All entries will be judged on skill and chance takes no place in the judging process. Entry is only open to Australian Residents. Winners will be notified by Wednesday 13th December


THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations Tam Daniels the lucky winner.

24 thoughts on “1 x Family Pass to The Unbelievables at Sydney Opera House”

  1. Karina Lee says:

    I’m a huge jazz fan so the six-piece swing orchestra totally excites my world!

  2. Ashley Pitt says:

    I’m excited to see the magician

  3. Terry Issa says:

    This will be bliss the kids will have a blast please please pick us !

  4. Mag says:

    My boy is the biggest illusionist fan, if we won this it will make his year fingers and toes crossed you pick us

  5. joanne says:

    To see the magicians sleight of hand

    Would be grand

    The whole show is a spectacular show

    I hope I get to go

  6. Mariam issac says:

    Words cannot express the joy it will bring my kids they will be so chuffed to see this pretty pretty please pick us

  7. Rhema says:

    Magic is so cool and fun I wish could win thusfirmy kids will make their year fingers and toes crossed we win this

  8. Scot Barker says:

    I want to see see the magicians up close and see if i can work out how they do it.

  9. Lyn SC says:

    My kids are obsessed with ninja warrior things at the moment so I’m sure they’d love the aerial acts… quite similar to monkey bars in their eyes!

  10. Renee Waite says:

    Im excited to see the acrobatic performers. They do some amazing tricks.

  11. Jane says:

    We love watching Penn and Teller’s Fool Us on YouTube so I’m absolutely positive the magician would be the highlight of the show for us. ( My daughter even asked for a magic kit for her birthday! )

  12. Skye Danaher says:

    I want to see the ballroom dancers 🙂

  13. sonia cattley says:

    The aerial performers. Circus styles are very entertaining especially when directed at adults and not children

  14. Roberto Colombi says:

    Acrobats – I’m ‘Head Over Heels’ about their skills and death defying antics!

  15. Emma Lunn says:

    Six Piece Swing Orchestra – I love the ‘Jazz’matazz of it all!

  16. Natalie Skinner says:

    My boys like to think of themselves as novice magicians so the illusiions will really blow their minds!

  17. Nicole Whincup says:

    Absolutely the magician … #abracadabra

  18. Tam Daniels says:

    I’d love to see the ballroom dancers in the Sydney Opera House. What a treat!Kids would love the circus.

  19. Alexis says:

    Definitely the Acrobat/s – the kids and I are mesmerised by tumbling and tricks in the air and love watching it!

  20. Qui Truong says:

    I love a good comedy act,
    Laughter is the best medicine that’s a fact,
    I’m most excited to see The host of the show,
    Renowned New York stand-up Harrison Greenbaum makes the night easily flow,
    He’s a hard worker doing 6 to 700 shows a year that’s 3 to 4 every night in New York for the last 12 years,
    Watched him on America’s Got Talent and he had me in so much tears,
    He’s jokes are always on song,
    He’s had beer bottle’s thrown at he’s head and he still carries on,
    Harrison Greenbaum is such a hilarious comedian,
    If you haven’t seen him,
    Youtube him and you’ll end up watching so many of he’s clips,
    I’m just so absolutely excited to see him and all the tricks!

  21. Charlotte Scotton says:

    The illusionists are sure to mesmerise,
    Deceiving us before our very eyes…
    I’d love to perform a similar guise,
    With the ultimate holiday treat surprise!

  22. Mag gianni says:

    This will be the greatest experience for the kids …. they saw the ad and are itching to go

  23. KATHY CLARK says:

    what a terrific xmas present for my daughter as i dont have anything for her


    Totally Unbelievable if i won it for my family

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