Tupperware Microwave Pasta Cooker


As a mum of 3-kids that love pasta, I was looking forward to receiving the Tupperware Microwave Pasta Cooker.  When I received it, I changed my menu for the next night to spaghetti bolognaise so I could try it out.

Was I impressed? Yes.It was easy to use, with markers on the side to determine how much pasta and how much water was needed, you then put it the microwave (without the lid) and let it cook for the required time.  The cooking time varies depending on the serving size, on the instructions for a serving size of 3 in a 800w microwave was cooking time indicated on the pasta packet (13 mins in my case)+ 4-8 minutes, with my 1000w microwave I found 13 minutes was long enough.  Unlike the traditional saucepan you don’t need to constantly watch it to ensure it doesn’t boil over, you just put it in the microwave, set the time, leave it and wait for the microwave to beep, meaning you can give all your attention to the pasta sauce.

Once cooked, you take it out of the microwave, put the lid on, and drain the water through the holes in the lid, and then serve it up.

Pasta tastes great, and clean up is easy, quick wash up in the sink or it goes straight in the dishwasher, no need to wipe down the stove top, if you let the pot boil over.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you serve pasta in your house, then you want a Tupperware Microwave Pasta Cooker in your cupboard.  What a fantastic product!

This review was written by Paula Wynyard – a MumsDelivery product reviewer.

Product Details

S.R.P: $29.95

Size: 1.9L container which can cook up to 6 serves at once.

Below is one of the recipes from the Tupperware Cookbook included in the Microwave Cooker. To see the menu in greater detail, simply click on the small image of the menu located on the right hand side.


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