8 Perfect Gift Ideas for New Mums


Having a baby is a wonderful time in every parent’s life, but what do you buy a new mum? You don’t want to buy something that they wouldn’t normally use, but you also want to give them a lovely gift at the same time. So, here are 8 great gift ideas that any new mum would be happy to receive.

  1. A book focused on how to settle fussy babies: There are some really great books available that have lots of tips to help new mums settle their little ones. Any new mum will be more than happy to receive this type of book as a gift, as it can do nothing but reduce stress levels and increase her sleep.
  2. Cleaning vouchers: Not many people know about these, but most cleaning companies have gift vouchers. As we all know, most new mums have trouble balancing house work with looking after their baby, so having someone come in and give their home a thorough clean might just be the ticket.
  3. A day at the spa: This is a wonderful gift for new mums, who never seem to have the time for themselves anymore. A day at the spa in complete peace and quiet, being pampered from head to toe is the perfect gift for tired, new mums.
  4. Home delivery: Many online grocers do home delivery and a big box of organic fresh fruit and veggies, is a gift that will go down well with most mums. This saves them from having to go to the shops themselves and is such a different, but very sensible gift.
  5. Baby massage vouchers: Most new mums take their baby to massage classes, where they learn how to give their little ones calming massages. Find out where your local classes are held and give your new mother a few vouchers.
  6. New baby flowers: Flowers make wonderful gifts to the proud parents and it’s a great way to celebrate the arrival of their new born baby. Most florists sell new baby bouquets and they can even arrange the delivery for you even if the flower delivery is in Melbourne or at a remote area. With flowers you can be sure that it will brighten the mum’s day because most new mums absolutely love receiving flowers as a gift.
  7. A postnatal midwife: Some independent midwives offer home visits for new mums in Australia, which is a massive help, especially for new mums and breastfeeding mums. Once at home, there is little help for mums in settling and feeding their baby, so a home visit by an experienced midwife can be a saving grace for many mums.
  8. Baby carriers: Most mums like to use baby carriers, which they wrap around themselves to keep their baby close to their chest when they are walking around. You need to make sure that you buy one that supports the baby’s head correctly, but ergobaby is a popular brand.


With these 8 gift ideas for new mums, you will have no problem finding the perfect present for your friend, relative or work colleague.


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