Toddlerhood: What Is In Store For You And Your Little One?


When it comes to toddlers there are so many things we just don’t expect to happen.

We grow so reliant on having a baby ourselves and needing to provide for them, that when they start to get a little older and gain their own independence, it can make you feel a little redundant as a mum. Of course, they still need you massively, and the next steps in their lies are going to be just as adventurous as those first twelve months. I wanted to share with you some of the things that you might want to consider now your little one is officially a toddler.


They start to get more mobile

As a baby, you were there to provide all levels of mobility and movement. You were safe in the knowledge that if you placed them down on the floor to play, or sat in their bouncer chair, that they would still be there minutes later. But a toddler is already on the move when it comes to crawling and they are just about to start walking and causing mayhem. You do need to ensure that their feet are protected ready for when this happens, and there are cute collections online like Kit & Kate that provide some amazing soft footwear for young children. You may be eager for them to start walking, so encouraging it as much as you can will help your little one thrive. However, by this point it is possibly now time to babyproof your home with plug protectors, stair gates and keeping things in high reach to avoid any possible dangerous situations.


The constant dilemma of whether you need a stroller or not

There will always be a dilemma of whether or not you need the stroller or not once your little one starts to become a little more mobile. It can be quite a difficult transition to have. On the one hand having a stroller is much easier to get by with, but on the other hand you also have the issues of wanting and encouraging your child to become more independent. Having a stroller with you in the car just incase is always going to be a good idea.


The tantrums and terrible twos

What about the tantrums, what about the terrible twos? You may have read about them in the past but are they as really as bad as people say. The truth is, every child is different. There will be mums out there who say their child never experienced the terrible twos or tantrums, there will be others that state that it was a difficult time in their lives having to navigate the wants and needs of little ones when you don’t even know what you can do to resolve the issue.


The start of their educational journey

As they get older, you will start to see a change in them and begin to realise that they need a little more than what your can do for them just being at home and they start their educational journey. This might be in nursery or kinder, or it may even be waiting until they are ready to start school. You will notice as big change in your child when you begin this step. They become independent, have a grasp of things and really start to thrive in what they can do and achieve. When this starts is down to you and your own circumstances with childcare and work, but once you do you will see that there really is no going back from them growing up.


How you feel with your emotions

Your emotions are going to go into overdrive. Of course, you experienced this when your children were first born. Those early days as you navigate the newborn phase on a serious lack of sleep. But the emotions never stop, and you will find that your little ones will be pulling at your heart strings for years to come. During the toddler years, you will find that when they show you love and emotion, make mistakes or achieve things, they will have you feeling all of the emotions.


Fussy eating and overthinking

Finally, your toddler is probably going to develop and go through a phase of fussy eating and this can be so disheartening as a mum. All you want is the best for your little ones and if they start refusing healthy meals then you may worry and overthink their diets etc. The truth is that like any phase it will pass, and that things change as they get older. So don’t overthink and just keep doing what you are doing.


I hope that these tips help you if you find yourself wondering what is in store you and your little one in the toddler years.


Article from S Powell


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