Back to School 2018 Competition


We love making life easier for our mums by producing a great Back to School Guide that showcases all the products you need when heading back to school. To celebrate our Back to School Guide we are giving away some fantastic prizes! There is over $300 in prizes to be won.


To enter, view our 2018 Back to School Guide and comment below, telling us your Lunch Box Tips.



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To enter, view our 2018 Back to School Guide and comment below, telling us your Lunch Box Tips.


By entering you agree to the following terms and conditions.
The competition starts 10 January and ends at midnight on the 30th January. There will be numerous winners, each of 1 of the prizes detailed above. You can enter as many times as you want. All entries will be judged on skill and chance takes no place in the judging process. Entry is only open to Australian Residents. Winners will be notified by Friday 2nd February


THIS COMPETITION IS CLOSED. Congratulations to the following winners:

Win 1 of 5 My Special Book About Me – The Story of My Life at School

Rita Maguire

Sarah Armstrong

Lolo W

Jaimi Layt

Kat Heynatz

Win a Pilot Pen Back to School Pencil Case pack

Lisa Douglas

Win 1 of 5 Guinness World Records: Science and Stuff Books


Danielle Tassan

Rowan Barber

Ann S

Eliatha pallaris

124 thoughts on “Back to School 2018 Competition”

  1. Mandy Graham says:

    Mix it up a little.

  2. Melicia mah says:

    I just try to include a variety of healthy snacks, my sons pretty fussy but hungry all the time!

  3. Lin says:

    I started out offering them a list of choices for sandwich fillings/ fruit/ veg etc. However, my kids are so fussy with what they will eat ‘not fresh’ (ie they want tomato sandwiches but hate them soggy) that they end up having almost the same lunch every day, which makes it easier. (Thinking back, kids of the 80’s often had the same food each day so it won’t hurt them…and their lunch is far more nutritious than burger rings and a juice box.) I’d say keep it basic, 5 set lunchbox menus a week (on a randomised cycle for variety) then you know what to buy and make.:-)

  4. Charlotte says:

    Always mix it up with fun and adding little notes inside each day telling your kids how much you love them

  5. Melanie O says:

    Dont get hung up on what othef families do, just do what works for you and your child

  6. Rita Maguire says:

    Bento-style lunch boxes are great. Children like to have a variety to choose from. Try a meat/salad sandwich or wrap, rice cakes, berries, sliced apple, pear, orange/ mandarin segments and nuts.

  7. Becky Downey says:

    I have a very fussy vegetarian eater. Bite size works best, no effort, and baking in bulk is a god-send!

  8. Lisa Douglas says:

    1. Colour code the kids! Each child is delegated a colour and their individual lunch box, drink bottle, pencil cases and other bits and bobs are in the designated colour. Makes packing school bags so much easier.
    2. Menu plan! Yep, just like with my weekly dinners I plan out the weekly school lunches too. This (usually) results in healthier and more exciting options.
    3. No more wrestling wrap! Ditch the pesky plastic wrap and use a bento style lunch box. Less waste and easier to chop and chuck it in.

  9. Jay says:

    I seek out lunchbox boxes with compartments which reduces the need for wrap foods. It’s great for the environment.

  10. Jay says:

    Take the kids shopping to pick out their lunchbox. When they love something, it means it is less likely to get lost.

  11. Danielle Tassan says:

    Every couple of weeks I do a bulk cookup of muffins, slices, quiches and sandwiches and freeze them for lunches.

  12. Rachel K says:

    Pack a little something extra in your child’s kid lunch box for a healthy mind! Like a note saying I love you or even a simple smiley face. Be creative and come up with something like a funny cartoon or saying that you know will put a smile on your child’s face.

  13. julie morton says:

    i always prepare lunches the night before and pop in freezer as hectic mornings,and often pop a frozen sponge in to keep fresh for lunch time

  14. Sarah Armstrong says:

    I actually let my kids make their own lunch, with guidance and supervision as to what they are allowed to put in their lunch boxes. That way they are not screaming that I packed them something disgusting for lunch

  15. Laura Power says:

    Combine chopped apple and oranges in a container. The orange will help prevent the apple going brown

  16. Laura Power says:

    If you don’t have time to make sandwiches in the morning, make them on the weekend and freeze for the week ahead. Pop into the lunchbox first thing in the morning and they’ll be thawed by lunchtime.

  17. claire evans says:

    bulk bake and freeze that way something delish is always a defrost away

  18. Elly says:

    I get the kids to help me grow veggies so we mix up what veggies they get for lunches.

  19. Rowan Barber says:

    As a Dad who packs school lunches I have found to let my kids choose their fruit they put in their lunch box and this means it’s normally ate at fruit break.
    Also to find a core base of things they like to eat means they will eat at school.
    The tuckshop at school has very healthy options these days so that’s a good option occasionally if things don’t go to plan in the mornings

  20. Kathy Ferguson Clark says:

    on Friday afternoons my kids makes sandwiches for the whole family for the entire following week label them what they are and freeze them, night before defrost all and take what they love to eat

  21. Leeanne says:

    I always add something they don’t know about like a surprise of their favourite fruit or a snack. I also pack extra for after school as they always say I’m hungry when I get to pickup and they know they have a snack box to munch on.

  22. Sonya says:

    Always include a variety of foods so there’s a chance that your child will at least like something!

  23. Joanne Cardamone says:

    I have a whole heap of vegetables, fruit and small healthy snacks and my daughter can pick and chose what goes into her box herself so i know she will eat it.

  24. Chont says:

    I ask my kids to bring home any item they don’t like or no longer feel like eating. That easy way I know not to give it to them again, rs

  25. Lolo W says:

    I like to get Master 7 and Miss 5 involved with making their own lunches, getting creative with healthy yet delicious homemade snacks and sandwiches, from baking slices, breads and buns to cutting veggies and fruits into unique shapes! The kids enjoy and feel invested in the process and their lunch boxes almost always return home empty! Yes, the preparation takes more time, but it pretty much becomes a regular family activity we look forward to!

  26. Kathy Clark says:

    To have snacks Prepaid the night before in a bowl so my daughters can just pick up and go

  27. blake H says:

    Trying to incorporate the five food groups.
    Winter is great, thermos with soup.
    Summer. an ice brick, to keep food fresh
    little morsals of everything, I find the best!

  28. Jessica Ashbrooke says:

    I remember these days you must consider others so high allergy foods are out. I also like to change it up every week I’m not gonna be like my mum an apple and vegemite sandwich everyday no way I’m more creative

  29. Richard Harrison says:

    I always find I really want to surprise my kids but knowing how picky they are, it gets very tricky. Most of the time I settle for drawing funny faces or messages on their bananas

  30. Ryan H says:

    Pop in a note each day with either a fun fact or something as simple as a “I love You.”

  31. Charlotte B says:

    I try to make the food fun for my kids. For example, the sandwiches I cut into funny shapes, the fresh fruit and veges I show them a face I can make with them and see if they can do it at school. They love it.

  32. Sharyn Williams says:

    finger food is the best
    quicker to make than all the rest
    crackers, dips, meatballs, eggs, vegies galore
    encompasses all food groups and satisfies for sure

    1. Sammy Paddy says:

      Only kids aren’t allowed to take eggs to school for lunches.

  33. Maree Gray says:

    Variety is key and stops the kids from getting bored.

  34. Gabriella H says:

    Add colouring to some of their foods like bread and snacks for a fun twist.

  35. Caroline Kelly says:

    Check if there are any school issued food restrictions and/or requirements before planning a healthy lunch box.

  36. Deb H says:

    Google is my best for different and healthy ideas for the kids school lunches, and they’re lunchboxes ALL ways come back empty!

  37. Renee Ballantyne says:

    Keep it simple fresh fruit chopped vegies and crackers and cheese or sandwich

  38. Jenny Learmond says:

    I ask my (12 year old) son for ideas on what he would like in his lunch box so then I know he’ll eat it and then we’re both happy.

  39. Rebekah Ballingall says:

    Start making them lunch in their lunchbox a few weeks prior to going back to get used to the amount of food and order to eat it

  40. Anthea Cornish says:

    I give my girls a healthy sandwich, a small bag of chips for little lunch and an orange or other fruit cut into segments.

  41. Christine Butler says:

    No soggy ingredients in the sandwiches (tomato, tinned beetroot etc). You can put in bread and butter with dry lettuce, then a can of tuna with mayo and corn they can spoon onto the bread.

  42. Diana says:

    Frozen grapes!! They keep lunches cool and are fun and yummy to eat. Just make sure after placing them in a lunch bag you rest them on folded paper towel to catch the condensation.

  43. Ern says:

    Make a big batch of vegemite sandwiches, remove crusts, cut, wrap well and freeze them in lunch size portions. So easy in the morning to get out of he freezer and hand out to the kidlets to shove in their lunch boxes along with the fruit. One of the perks of having a brood that only want the one type of sandwich day in, day out. They’re just like their Mum (wife) lol

  44. DIANA O says:

    If they don’t like it at home, they’re not going to like it at school, so don’t push the point or waste your time or food. Communication is the key to lunch boxes that come home empty, eaten not binned!!! Discuss what they like and want to take for lunch.

  45. Irena says:

    Don’t put something that they don’t like, because otherwise they’ll be hungry!!

  46. Kristy F says:

    Fussy eater makes it hard sometimes but I have to find a solution that suits this busy mum and the child. I probably put too much in most days but it gives him variety and I know he will at least eat something out of it

  47. Kasey E says:

    Choose a bit of variety and change it up every week as kids get bored especially with boring plain sandwiches.

  48. Tracy says:

    I only have healthy food, fruit, vegies and snacks in the fridge and cupboard. I tell my kids they can have whatever they want from the fridge and cupboard for their school lunch. This way, they are in control of their meal choices and I know that they are getting nutrition from whatever they decide.

  49. Ann S says:

    My Daughter would never eat sandwiches or wraps at school and I was given this tip , Flatten the bread and roll up the sandwiches with their desired fillings into Sushi sandwiches ,they look spectacular and she eats her wholegrain bread !

  50. Nata says:

    Get you children to help,
    Making lunch will be a piece of cake,
    When they help make their own,
    From sandwiches, wraps to a healthy scone,
    Preparing vegetables with healthy dips, they adore,
    Baked fruit cupcakes, sweetness galore,
    Making lunches together is a pleasure,
    Seeing empty lunch boxes, a moment mummy treasures.

  51. Tracey lee Seckold says:

    I have very fussy little eaters in my house I mix it up make it look different I pack snacks the night before I always leave little notes like my mother did for me

  52. Judith says:

    Include a big variety of things,and something your child has never tried before…peer pressure is a great thing!

  53. Lauren Ibbotson says:

    Leave your child a little note or picture so that when they open their lunchbox they smile and instantly are reminded of your love for them.

  54. Jay says:

    Add in some lunchbox popcorn! My kids love it as a fun snack and its so easy to make.

  55. Jay says:

    Write a list of food items and sandwich fillings each of the kids love, hang it on the fridge, look at it before packing each family members lunchbox. It will ensure that everyone gets lunchbox items they love.

  56. Justine Drake says:

    Have the lunch & snacks organised before the week starts and let the kids help choose what goes in their lunchbox… they will be more likely to eat it!

  57. Tabatha Voss says:

    Think outside the box,think fresh,think seasonal

  58. Sude G says:

    My lunch box tip is to have little bento style boxes with a deconstructed sandwich. So buttered bread in a section then shredded cheese in another section, cut cucumbers in another, shredded carrots etc. my child has fun making their own sandwich creation or just eating the parts seperately. It is a fun way of eating plus saves me time in the morning !

  59. Charl L. says:

    My kids help me pack,
    So they’ll eat the snacks,
    Always make the night before too,
    In the morning there’s so much to do!

  60. Susan Banyard says:

    Everything finger food size, kids especially younger ones like to eat quickly and include a variety of fruits

  61. Renee Quilliam says:

    include fresh fruit, crunchy vegetables and a combination of protein, dairy and carbohydrate foods
    Be creative by cutting sandwiches and fruit into shapes and make lunch time fun

  62. Rebecca Tompsett says:

    Let your kids make their own lunch from a select group of foods that you have approved – less work for you, and more likelihood that they will eat it.

  63. Jo Deller says:

    Having made lunches for my children since 2002 and with many years of lunch making still ahead of me, my best tip is to use the ingredients kids love, that is their type of muesli bar, fruit, bread, spread etc and the lunchbox will come back empty!

  64. Jaimi Layt says:

    When it comes to Back to School and the stress of preparing a healthy school lunch that they’ll actually eat; I stick to my “rule of one”!
    One of each food group to make sure all bases are covered 🙂 1 protein, 1 carb,1 fruit, 1 vegetable, 1 dairy and 1 treat.
    Plus if it’s all done with 1 day of prep, it saves time and cooking in bulk will make it more financially friendly for families.

  65. adrienne harries says:

    lunch boxes should be fun
    food enjoyed by everyone
    leftover fried rice
    is incredibly nice
    fresh fruit and cupcakes too
    cookies and cold juice will do

  66. Jordana Hodgetts says:

    I always include something that I know that my son will eat, regardless of what else I pack in his lunch box. A healthy balance is always good too, and in waste free packaging where appropriate!

  67. Adele Smith says:

    Get the kids to help pre-plan a lunch box menu for the week/fortnight etc, adding all items to your grocery list so everything is on hand ready to go. Making sure a water bottle is included too as this will get the kids into the habit of staying hydrated.

  68. marie says:

    I think variety is the key. Lots of different foods adds colour and makes the lunchbox more appealing.

  69. Jay says:

    Waterproof stickers are a great way to jazz up a plain and cheap lunchbox and give it a personal touch.

  70. Jay says:

    Cut up all foods that go into the kids lunchboxes small enough that they can be managed by their little hands.

  71. Helen Commens says:

    Variety, freshness and include a note,
    Written on a banana gets my vote!

  72. Anna says:

    Keep lunchboxes exciting! I try to include a mix of tasty, healthy options the kids will enjoy & won’t return home with them at the end of the day!

  73. Ang t says:

    Bake big batchea of food on holidays and the weeekends and freeze get kids involved in the cooking so they can choose what they Will like ans eat it

  74. Lyn SC says:

    I use cookie cutters to make sandwiches a little more appealing ( and the outside part is my and toddlers lunch ).
    I draw an emoji or short message on bananas so at fruit break they can read it.
    I put in a frozen yogurt pouch to keep everything cold and then they have cold yogurt to eat with lunch.
    Invest in a good lunch box – it’s needs to last a year of being thrown in the lunch baskets.
    And if I ever hear a child say “I like (insert food)”, my gosh, it’s going in their lunch box until they say they are getting sick of it!!!!

  75. Sharon Markwell says:

    Variety is the spice of life for us older ones as well as the little ones so mix it up!

  76. Sally Forrest says:

    Lunch box tip from a mum of three,
    Variety and nutrition is the key,
    Zucchini slice, muffins, pizza scrolls,
    and simply delicious fresh salad rolls.

  77. Melissa o says:

    I have our daughter create the lunchbox treats and menu with us so she is excited.

  78. nicole larsen says:

    I always get the kids to help so we can always come up with different ideas

  79. Matthew James says:

    Variety and never the same thing in a row. I also plan snacks the night before so with 5 kids we are ready to get up and go in the mornings.

  80. Natalie says:

    Make big batch on the weekend, store in freezer for the week eg, muffin, sausage roll. At night before take one out and put it on the fridge for the next morning.
    Lunch is healthy variety like sandwich, wrap, hot dog, sushi. Always prepare the night before.

  81. Sarahmary says:

    Get cooking with a group of friends. It’s a great way to try out new foods and recipes, and it’s a fun day to spend together too.

  82. Eliatha pallaris says:

    Carrot and cheese pieces, and lots of Grapes. sandwiches made with tomato and ham. Home made muffin and some Watermelon…

  83. Geoffrey Ting says:

    Frozen fruit is delicious and is a great healthy treat.

    Don’t pack things containing nuts, think about other kids with allergies.

    Ask your kids what they want.

    Mix it up and include hot food during winter in a thermos.

  84. Tamara Lamb says:

    I have large cooking days where I bake a whole lot of things I can freeze and just grab on the run that are healthy and filling.

  85. Josette says:

    I usually prep it at night and make sandwiches in the morning so it still fresh. I add fruits & a surprise treat ☺️

  86. Polly says:

    Yummy baking with lots of hidden goodies, kids think they have treats, mum finds a way to cheat!

  87. Joanne Sampson says:

    Let your kids choose from a variety of food so they are excited to go to school knowing that they will get to eat it

  88. Nikki Ellen Wilkinson says:

    Healthy foods is a must for me
    To help stop the obesity
    Kids can still enjoy a healthy lunch
    Just make it something extra fun too munch
    A bit of dairy, fruit and bread
    Those are my tips to keep kids happy and fed

  89. Star says:

    Making characters, animals or faces with there foods, carrot stick caterpillars, sushi rolls made with bread and fillings, rice cakes made with a dog face, there is so much that you could teach and help your kids to enjoy there lunch box foods to make them part of it also. A divided lunch box which gives them a choice.

  90. Helen c says:

    Fruit, water, sandwich, yoghurt and cheese,
    A varied lunchbox is sure to please,
    A note written on a banana is always fun,
    An icepack too if the bags in the sun!

  91. Debbie O’Donnell says:

    Just into wraps brought a new wrap lunch box from Aldi’s.

  92. Bianca b says:

    I like to make fresh bento boxes so she has a smorgasbord of everything .. it’s always eaten so I must be doing something right

  93. Kristy Winters says:

    I use a mixture of veggies and fruit and dairy with mixed grains bread/wraps. we use reusable containers that are all named and because we have some sensory issues nothing must touch

  94. Ang t says:

    During holidays cook with the kids and make batches of muffins and cakes, zucchini slice, scrolls, scones anytjing they like and will eat and freeze it for when school starts that way they eat it cause they made it

  95. Laura Power says:

    USE LEFT OVERS – Make a little extra for dinner, using the left overs as a lunch option. Fried rice, pasta etc make great additions to the lunchbox.

  96. cheerie murnane says:

    Small amounts they can pick at, picklets, grapes or blueberries, carrot sticks with a little home made dip, vary that a little and always a nice cold water bottle. I pack in the car snacks to have on the way home.

  97. Barbara Fehmel says:

    I always put a tiny treat into the lunch box especially for the first year of school, just so the child will still feel loved and close to their Mum. It may only be a Chuppa Chuck, or a Muslei8 bar it doesn’t matte what just a something they do not know about.

  98. Rita Maguire says:

    Bento lunchboxes are great, especially when first starting school. Children often have trouble selecting which food to eat. If you offer a variety such as grapes, blueberries,cheese cubes, crackers, mini quiches or muffins, or sandwich fingers, it will encourage them to try a variety and to eat as much (or little) as they have time for and the rest can be eaten as a snack after school.

  99. Karen D says:

    Freeze a wet face washer in a ziplock bag then pop in the top of the lunchbox, helps keep lunch cold and also gives children something to wipe their hands and faces with after eating.

  100. Alison Hunble says:

    Let the kids help make their sandwich or wrap and pick their fruits. This helps my kids

  101. Skye Danaher says:

    I like to pack my kids lunches in to different animal shaped containers to make it more fun and interesting for them to eat. So in their panda container I use the sandwich as the head, devon as the face, olives for eyes, nose and ears and then use different fruits to make up the body.

  102. Tmeeka Henricks says:

    I pack things I know they will eat but also pack something they’re unsure of or don’t often eat, sometimes they surprise me and try it and exposure to new foods is always good!

  103. Amanda S says:

    Keep it simple, quick and easy to eat. They aren’t given much time for lunch and they need their playtime too.

  104. Janelle Dowton says:

    Have a balance – include variety,
    Bite size and something substantial is a necessity,
    Don’t forget the H2O,
    Make great lunchboxes for kids on the go!

  105. Ashley Beech says:

    Snacks are organised Sunday night,
    so through the weeknights
    there isn’t a fright.
    Kids can make fresh sangers in the morn
    whether it’s tuna and cheese
    or chicken and corn.
    Fruit’s a must or else the school will whine,
    just kidding, their lunchbox is fine!

  106. Belinda M says:

    Get the kids to have some input and help you prepare it the night before, that way they’ll be more interested in eating it and you won’t be rushed in the morning.

  107. Melinda Bolitho says:

    Cut & freeze!
    We buy bakery goods on clearance, bake in big batches and freeze everything in lunch box portions. It’s a huge help on busy school mornings!

  108. Alexis says:

    Get the kids to help bake some school snacks like muffins or slices. Keep it simple but add variety so they don’t get bored. I always make lunches the night before otherwise I regret it when we are rushing around in the morning.

  109. amelia hitzke says:

    My daughter loves tasty, simple, easy, ready to eat lunch box options with a little variety and adventurous fillings for a fun break

  110. Michelle says:

    Ask the kids what they want in their lunchbox so you have a better chance of them eating the contents of their lunch.

  111. Alison Hillier says:

    I mix my children’s food up daily so it doesn’t become the ‘norm’ and they don’t get bored of it.

  112. Kelly Ryan says:

    Prepare in advance, get the kids involved and don’t be afraid to experiment!

  113. ashlee ford says:

    I use Cookie Cutters to shape the kids sandwiches and fruit & cheese into fun shapes and fun Characters. Its a great way to make lunches fun and encourages them to eat up 😀

  114. Leanne O says:

    Combine your kids favorite snacks and healthy treats into a Trail Mix. Mix Nuts, Dried Fruits, Yogurt Bites and more for a fun and easy to pack lunch.

  115. Kat Heynatz says:

    My son loves variety, so I always have lots of home made snacks that freeze well and taste great after being frozen, ready to go as well as lots of small containers of snacks. Some of his favourites favourites are cheese cubes, olives, hommus and crackers asd well as mini quiches, vegie muffins and of course cookies!

  116. AH says:

    Bite size, healthy and mixing it up – so they don’t become bored

  117. Laura Scriven says:

    I batch cook savoury and sweet muffins that I freeze. It makes building a box a breeze.

  118. Bee B says:

    It gets dreadfully hot in Queensland, so I make the sandwiches for school lunches the night before and freeze them, they defrost in time for school lunch and are still cool to eat if kept in an insulated lunch box.

  119. Tamara Lamb says:

    I have big cooking days and bake batches of different, healthy treats and freeze. Makes mornings easier!

  120. Roy says:

    I take my kids shopping go through the healthy food sections and let them choose, at least it will keep them happy, variety of what they want then you know the lunch box won’t come home full of food. Happy kids happy parents.

  121. Tatum says:

    Don’t go over the top on their first day, keep it simple, easy and Nutritious, and lunches that you can maintain day to day.

  122. Charlotte S says:

    Instead of using icepacks, freeze some strawberries – they will keep the contents of the lunchbox cold and be a delicious treat come lunch-time!

    Thanks for the chance, we love the Pilot Frixion products and would love to win some more 🙂

  123. Deborah Osborne says:

    School snacks our kids love fresh fruit, tried other treats but they came home complaining. So back to basics for them .

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