Common Winter Beauty Problems and how to solve them


The dry cooler months of winter are approaching and with them they bring a number of common winter beauty problems.  Many of us will find our bodies getting dry, flaky, itchy and brittle skin issues. To combat this, we have determined the 5 most common winter beauty problems and offered our suggestions on how you can help solve them.


  1. Scaly Skin

Winter is notorious for giving your skin the crocodile look. Caused by dry skin the pattern looks unappealing yet is simple to fix. Regularly applying a moisturiser will help rehydrate your skin. On top of this, exfoliating once a week will remove any dead skin and encourage new skin growth. The most effective way to do this, is to follow your exfoliation with a good quality body moisturiser to provide long lasting nourishment. Warm baths are ideal in winter as the warmth will help open up your pores so that your moisturising effort is more effective.  In addition to this, drinking a good amount of water daily will help to keep your skin hydrated.


Dry/Irritated Hands

There is no question around why our hands suffer more in winter conditions; the dry air, consistent washing and use of our hands means that they quickly deteriorate. Wearing gloves while washing dishes will help and the constant use of a good quality hand cream is the most effective treatment. I recommend keeping a hand cream in your handbag and car so you can apply it whenever you get a chance. Keeping another hand cream on your bedside table is also ideal for application just before bed. In addition to this, applying moisturiser each time you wash hands is a good routine to get into.


Chapped Lips

A common problem suffered by many in winter, the best way to prevent chapped lips is by keeping a good lip balm handy and applying it constantly throughout the day. Avoid licking your lips as the water and dry air worsens the situation. Exfoliating your lips will help reduce the chapped skin and you can easily make your own exfoliant with a mixture of sugar and honey.  As with dry hands, we recommend you keep a number of lip balms handy so you can always apply as needed.


Dry Scalp and Frizzy hair

As with the rest of your body, your scalp is bound to dry out over winter as well. This causes dandruff to become a bigger problem in winter. Using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner will help nourish your scalp to reduce this. In addition to this, dry hair can also create a static, frizzy look. Frizzy, damaged hair tends to occur more in winter from the overuse of hair dryers to avoid damp hair. To fix this, a deep conditioner or nourishing hair treatment will help as well as specialised hair tools, designed to reduce the frizz or dry your hair quicker.


Dry, chipped and flaky nails

Unfortunately, as with all the other common winter beauty problems, chipped and flaky nails are caused due to dryness. Having your hands in and out of water constantly in combination with the dry air increases the issue. Using gloves while washing dishes will help reduce this somewhat, however the best method is to re-hydrate your nails. You can do this with cuticle creams, hand creams and by applying a base coat before nail polish.  There are also natural health remedies available to replenish some of the minerals in your body that will help your hair and nails to grow stronger.


What winter beauty issues do you suffer from and how do you solve them?





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