Tips to enjoy a Backyard Camping Birthday Party


For my daughter’s Tenth Birthday, she wanted a camping birthday party. We enjoy family camping, so the camping part of the equation is not scary; however, I am not keen to take a number of ten-year old girls (plus my other children) to a campsite; in case something happens or they get scared or nervous. To give her the party of her dreams, I suggested a Backyard Camping Party, which she loved the idea of. After a successful party, here are my tips when planning a backyard camping party for your child:

  1. Think Camping… To make the experience as authentic as possible, we recommend setting up your backyard as through you were at a campsite. Take a look at the Basic Essentials for Backyard Camping we recommend, to give you an idea of the basics you will need.
  2. Keep it Simple. Essentially camping is such a great holiday, because it is so simple. The children will be excited to set up their sleeping bags within the tent, to create their own spaces and show each other their toys, so there is no need to party plan the time and fill up the afternoon with too many games. As the kids are older, you can simply give them ideas of games and let them choose what they want to do. Great game ideas include:
    1. Hide and Seek
    2. Running around with Walkie Talkies
    3. Rocket Balloons
    4. Board Games
    5. Ball games like Soccer
    6. Roasting Marshmallows
  3. Arrange to sleep nearby. Your impressive powers as a Supermum is likely to ward off any danger and make the party goers feel much safer. So, set up a second tent, sleep on the balcony or room right next to the backyard so you can hear if they need help.
  4. Encouraging the children to remain outside unless they need to use the facilities. Essentially this helps add to the camping feel and also reduces your need to clean the entire house after them! Win, Win ?


I hope you have a fantastic Backyard Camping Birthday Party and would love to see some of your pics or hear your ideas on how to improve the party.


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