Christmas Gift Ideas For The Hard To Buy For Man In Your Life


Christmas is fast approaching, and chances are you still haven’t bought a gift for that difficult to buy for man in your life. Why are men so hard to buy for? Good question. Is it because:


  1. They don’t let you know what they want – when you ask them and they say ‘anything,’ it’s not really a helpful response. However, when they unravel that festive tie you bought them in an exasperated attempt to buy them ‘something,’ they are only going to complain.
  2. They have niche interests that you don’t know anything about. From motorbikes to fishing, chances are you know little about their chosen hobby. Not only do they seemingly have everything associated with their favourite past time, but chances are you are only going to buy them the wrong thing if you attempt to second-guess what might be useful.
  3. Their Christmas list (if they get around to making one) is too expensive for your budget. Sadly, a 4K tv, the latest video games console, and whatever other gadget they think you should splurge out on, is possibly way out of your price range. No wonder then that you fall back on the default festive tie with flashing reindeer nose! Hey, it’s at least half a gadget, right? That nose still needs batteries!


So, what to do? If you identify with the above, you are stuck in the same Christmas hell as many wives and girlfriends up and down the country. However, here are a few ideas you might find helpful.


  1. A tool set. This is something you can’t go wrong with, unless your guy is DIY averse. Assuming he isn’t, and he enjoys tinkering around the house fixing this and fixing that, a tool kit is darn near essential. Furthermore, he will have something practical to do when your parents land on Christmas Day – “I just need to go and fix the whatsit” is the perfect excuse he needs.
  2. Sports bookings. Most guys love sport, so chances are, you will be able to buy him tickets to his favourite game. Hockey, football, basketball… the list of sports are endless, and while you may not want to go with him to the big game, you can at least buy an extra ticket so he can take one of his mates. Gets him out of the house and gets you out of the Christmas gift jam.
  3. Fashion. A lot of guys hate clothes shopping, and they are content to loaf around in whatever they’ve had in their wardrobe for the last year. This is clearly alien to most women, but at least you know the latest fashion won’t be something they already own. From mens board shorts to the latest designer shades, you can use Christmas as an excuse to finally get your man up to date with the rest of the world. And hey, at least you won’t be embarrassed to be seen with them anymore.
  4. Gift cards. This may look like last a resort, but it really isn’t. Thinking about their interests, buy a gift card to match. They can buy what they want, and you won’t have to put up with their grumbling exterior on Christmas morning when they realise that tie shaped package wasn’t a sneaky tv remote to go along with the tv they think you might have bought them. Result!


We hope we have been of some help. Failing that, have a look at our Christmas Gift Guide for more helpful ideas. Have a great Christmas, and we hope you get everything you want under the Christmas tree. You did remember to give him your Christmas list, right?

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