Lockers are a great Storage Tool to help your busy life


Why Are Lockers Useful?

Lockers represent a perfect example of the kind of thing we’re all guilty of taking for granted. That is, until we find ourselves in dire need of one.


For the most part, lockers aren’t the kinds of things most people spend much of their time thinking about. If any, for that matter. We simply use them when we need them and curse them when they’re not available. You’d be forgiven for thinking the world doesn’t revolve around lockers, but seriously – try for a moment to imagine a world where lockers didn’t exist!


Whoever you are and wherever you live, it’s entirely likely that lockers play a key role in your everyday life. You might not realise it, but they do. In terms of why it is that lockers are useful, you only need to think about how they are used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, every single day. From kids to teens to adults of all ages, lockers represent an indispensable everyday essential we’d be lost without.

Too much fuss over something as simple as a locker?

Not at all. Consider the following reasons why lockers are useful and you’ll see exactly what it is we’re getting at:


Lockers Lighten the Load

First up, lockers provide their respective users with the opportunity to literally lighten the load. Whether you’re out shopping, attending university lecturers or spending a fun-filled day at the office, it’s never pleasant to have to carry everything around with you at all times. In fact, doctors routinely warn of the potential dangers of lugging around heavy bags – especially for younger children and older adults. All you need is a locker and you have yourself a secure place to store everything you don’t need right at this moment, rather than carrying the whole job lot around with you.


Lockers Can Charge Your Phone

These days, the prospect of being disconnected from social media for even a few minutes is more than the average millennial can bear. Suffice to say, experiencing the horror of an empty battery at the worst possible time really is enough to ruin even the brightest of days. Precisely where lockers come into the equation once again. Specifically, the kinds of lockers that are designed to give you somewhere safe and secure to charge your phone. From airports to restaurants to shopping centres to public buildings, phone-charging lockers are absolutely everywhere these days. Some are free of charge, others are provided at a price. In any case, they have the potential to be absolute lifesavers when needed most.


Lockers Are Great for Travelling

You arrive at your destination at 7am, but you’re not allowed to check in until 4pm. Or perhaps you’ve checked out of your hotel at 11am, though your flight isn’t due to depart until 11pm. All of which means the rather unpleasant prospect of carting your luggage around with you for the entire day. That is, unless you make use of the lockers that are routinely available in most major transport hubs. Luggage lockers give tourists and travellers the opportunity to make the most of their time, without having to weigh themselves down with excess baggage. Even if prices are often on the high side in major cities, it’s still a small price to pay to enjoy every minute of your trip.


Lockers Are Revolutionising Parcel Delivery

If you haven’t already used automated parcel lockers, chances are you will do in the very near future. Parcel lockers serve as something of a uniquely convenient and accessible middleman. Something that goes between the postal service itself and your address. Rather than having to sit at home or make the effort to visit your local parcel office, you can simply arrange for your packages to be delivered to a nearby automated parcel locker. You enter your code, you collect your parcel and you’re done. Just about the fastest and most convenient way of receiving parcels. Not to mention, sending parcels of all shapes and sizes, which is just as quick and easy as picking them up.


Lockers Keep the Office Tidy

Workplace lockers play an important role in keeping the working environment tidy, organised and productive in general. It’s no secret that chaotic and cluttered workplaces don’t make particularly enjoyable or efficient spaces in which to do business. With the amount of paraphernalia the average person carries with them these days, it simply makes sense to provide an appropriate space for them to store their bits and pieces. In the absence of lockers, said bits and pieces simply end up all over the office. And of course, it’s also useful to have a safe and secure place around the office to store your valuables. Not that your co-workers are necessarily criminals, but still – better safe than sorry!


Lockers Look After Your Bike

If you’ve joined the masses who prefer to take a healthy and eco-friendly approach to commuting, well done you! If you’ve ever used a bike locker of any kind, you have your answer as to why lockers are useful. With more people choosing to cycle from A to B, more towns and cities than ever before are installing bike lockers. Many of which are free to use for short periods of time, protecting bikes from the elements and the attention of unsavoury characters in general. It’s a little like having a readily available garage for your bike, which is a pretty nifty convenience!


Lockers Let You Go Swimming

Last but not least, how likely is it that you would ever visit a public pool or water park again, if doing so meant leaving all your possessions out in the open for anyone to run away with? Chances are, not very likely at all. Lockers provided across a wide variety of leisure facilities allow guests to keep their possessions as safe and sound, while they go doing whatever takes their fancy. If there were no lockers, chances are they would be no guests, either.

You might take them for granted, but once again – try imagining a world without lockers and you’ll realise just how useful they really are!


Article from K Hobbs; a mum obsessed with lockers and the storage they offer.


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