Packing Tips when Moving House with a Family


Moving house with a family is challenging and can be daunting.


The idea of packing everything up, cleaning and unpacking with children around, while still going through everyday life can be overwhelming. The key to packing and moving with family is to conquer a little every day. Being organised will make the process manageable.


Here are my Packing Tips to help make the process of selling and moving house easier:

  1. Declutter. Decluttering is a great starting strategy to get your house sale ready and to ensure you don’t need to spend more time packing than necessary. Take a look around at your items to determine which you really need or want, which could be donated to a charity or which should be disposed of.
  2. Supplies. Having the correct supplies can help your items remain safe and be less likely to be broken. The key items include: Strong boxes, Packaging tape, Permanent Marker, butchers paper (or newspaper) and bubble wrap. For some of these supplies, you can start scouring gumtree or local Facebook pages to see if there are cheap moving boxes around, while also saving the weekly newsletter that come around.
  3. Frequency of use. Determining how often you use an item is very important if you are just starting the selling process and have a good length of time before you will be unpacking everything. Start with the items you use the least. Think of items in your garage, CDs or DVDs or other items you use less frequently. There will be items like this in every room, even the kitchen; chances are, you are likely to have a number of appliances that only get pulled out on occasion.
  4. Make it Manageable on a daily basis. Go room by room through the house to make the ‘project’ more manageable.
  5. Label, label, label. Don’t mix boxes. Everything for Child 1 goes into their own boxes and everything for Child 2’s room goes into separate boxes. This makes it easier when placing the boxes in the new house ready to be unpacked.
  6. Weight & Stackability. Be careful not to overload the boxes as it will make them harder to carry. A good tip is to pack lighter items into larger boxes and smaller items into smaller boxes as this will limit the weight. Make sure all boxes close properly so that they can be stacked on top of each other.
  7. Create a First Week or Weekend Box. Pack the essential items into this box where they will be easy to find to settle into your home and life within the first week without going crazy. Key items should be bed linen, towels, toiletries, baby food, bottles/nappies, change of clothing, school uniforms and shoes for these.


Moving your family is a huge task and when combined with motherhood requirements, it can seem like a huge process.

Consider hiring removalists to help with much of the work on the day and a cleaner (or two) to clean the house you are leaving if required and the house you move too, before you unpack into it.


Additional Handy Packing Tips

  • Buying Butchers paper to wrap items in stops them getting ‘ink dirty’
  • Put nuts and screws for any item you dismantle into a zip lock bag and stick it to a part of the furniture item with packaging tape or another suitable product. If that is not possible, label the bag and place it into a safe box with all the other screws etc.
  • Wrapping clothing on hangars
  • Use everything you have like toy boxes, suitcases and more as storage options to pack your items into


Article written by Lorraine Salvi with packing advice from


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