5 things to do with mum on mother’s day that won’t break the budget. 


Finding fun things to do with mum on Mother’s Day is a great way to spend the day and spoil mum.


We all love our Mum’s and want to make them feel special for Mother’s Day but there can be a lot of pressure to go overboard with gifts and fancy lunches. In reality most Mum’s value thoughtfulness and some much-needed relaxation time over gifts any day.  We have pulled together our top ideas for how you can make your Mum feel special and valued without breaking the budget!


1. Cooking a beautiful brunch for Mum is a great start to any Mother’s Day.

Don’t just go with a simple option of toast or cereal, this is an opportunity to wow Mum with your thoughtfulness and effort. Plan your menu around seasonal produce, do a fruit platter with fresh yogurt, cook up some eggs and buy some good quality bread, whatever your Mum loves. Also think about presentation, get out the ‘good’ tea cups and crockery and set a lovely table with a tablecloth and fresh flowers. Mum will feel special if you have made an effort and have prepared a beautiful meal at home, and it will cost you a fraction of going out for an expensive brunch with just a bit of effort required.

2. Create a beautiful picnic experience.

Prepare some sandwiches, a cheese platter, a lovely dessert and of course a bottle of bubbles to make mum feel special. This is also perfect for those will small kids / grandkids, as let’s face it, getting kids to sit at a table in a café or a restaurant is a stretch at the best of times. It’s definitely less stressful to go with an outdoor option so the kids can run around but still engage with Mum or Grandma. Once again, comfort is key, take a comfortable seat for Mum and choose a lovely picturesque location under a tree.

things-to-do-with-mum3. If you have a Mum who loves being active, why not plan a bit of an adventure?

You could hire paddleboards or kayaks for an hour, followed by coffee and cake. Or go for a hike or a bushwalk if it’s a beautiful day. Fresh air is free, and Mum will be excited to have someone else make the plans, especially if she loves the outdoors.


4. Any busy Mum will tell you that time is a luxury, especially time out for herself.

Another idea is to put on a nice afternoon tea and then give mum time to go and do something for her. Buy her a ticket to a movie she wants to see, or give her a couple of hours to go and curl up with a book. Mother’s Day does not  mean you have to spend the whole day  together as a family, some Mum’s just want some time to relax and unwind on their own.


5. A beach day is another great option if you live along the coast.

Fish and chips and a walk along the beach is a relatively cheap option, and visiting the ocean has been scientifically proven to  encourage relaxation and regeneration. Let’s face it,  all Mum’s can use more calm in their lives. Once again, have a bite to eat and then let Mum go for a quick dip or lay on the beach and read a book!


Melanie Aslanidis is a media professional from Sydney. Married and with two boys aged 5 and 2, she is the founder of www.beachsidecollective.com where she curates beach related brands & and writes content around beach lifestyle and travel inspiration.


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