Top tips for choosing a phone plan both you and the kids will love


Finding the perfect mobile plan for children is a decision parents are faced with earlier and earlier. In fact, according to research from Roy Morgan[i], the majority of kids are getting their first phone at 12 years old and some Aussie juniors are as young as six!


Whatever age they are, it’s important to find an option that not only suits your child now, but one that can flex with them for the future. It’s also key to think about what will work for you and your family ecosystem.


With a world of information out there, here are four top tips to help you find your perfect mobile solution:


  1.   Just like you tell your kids every night – do your homework! Find out just what you need by starting with a checklist and then research the best options available to avoid unnecessary and hidden costs. Look for a plan that offers unlimited talk and text to avoid bill shock and ensure that your child can reach you at all times


  1.   Don’t sign your life away. Remember, your child cannot sign a contract until they are 18, so if you choose a contract then it will be under your name. Try to avoid 12 or 24-month contracts and consider the option of buying the phone outright and using a SIM-only mobile plan. There is a great range of affordable smartphones and great value SIM-only plans, and these can help you save money by offering small but mighty plans with the price tag to match


  1.   Look for a telco that helps staying in control of your spendings. Here, ensure you check if the provider sends alerts about approaching or exceeding limits, and whether you can monitor your child’s usage closely, track itemised billing, real time usage and recharge history. A fantastic feature is the option to switch plans whenever you need; this way you can move between plans when your kids might need more data inclusions further down the track


  1.   A big one to consider is data usage – your kids are probably keen to explore the internet, however, giving them unlimited access might be a scary thought. You can choose plans with as little as 1GB which is perfectly fine for a bit of surfing. Think about switching off certain services that may cost extra such as premium SMS and Multimedia Messaging Service (sending messages that include photos and videos) and international roaming


amaysim’s $10 Unlimited plan is a prime example of a good choice for kids, awarded Best Value Prepaid Mobile Plan by Money Magazine. The plan features 1GB of data and unlimited talk & text and comes with no lock-in contract. Since launch, amaysim has seen explosive growth driven by the $10 plan with over 120,000 Aussies – many of them parents – switching to amaysim.


If you follow these amazingly simple tips, you should be able to narrow in on just what you need and cut through the clutter, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in the process. Good luck!



[i] Roy Morgan, 2016, 9 in 10 Aussie teens now have a mobile


Article provided by Amaysim to help other Aussie mums find  a mobile phone suitable for their child.


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