How To Encourage Reluctant Readers!


Reading to your children when they’re little is one of life’s simple pleasures – but what happens when they become more reluctant readers as they grow?

If you’ve got a reluctant reader at home, trying to come up with creative and effective ways to encourage them to read could have you tearing your hair out in frustration. Pushing too hard or not enough can result in your little one having no interest at all in reading, and we all know what a tragedy that would be!

Never fear though – we’ve come up with a few handy hints and tips for you to try to fire up those little imaginations and get their creative juices flowing. Your reluctant reader might just turn into a little bookworm yet!

What works?

As human beings, storytelling is such an important social activity at any age, but especially in childhood. When adults read to babies, their little brains are busily working away, absorbing sounds and emotions, and taking cues from your facial expressions and body language. These eventually become the building blocks of literacy and language development. Who knew that such an enjoyable and heartfelt activity could be so beneficial? Your child definitely needs to get in on this!

There are a number of effective ways you can encourage your reluctant reader to delve into books.

  • Don’t Force them.  No one likes being forced to do something, especially kids! What’s more, it’s an effective way to kill whatever left over love of reading they might have lying dormant somewhere. You just need to stay patient and follow the rest of our tips!
  • Pick up a book yourself. Children are pretty observant. If they notice that you’re reading and having fun doing it, it sends a positive message that reading is actually a great activity and they’ll want to do it, too. Being a good reading role model is a great way to get your child to pick up a book!
  • Choose books that interest them, and make it fun. You know your child better than anyone – what do they love best? Do they adore dinosaurs? Do you find yourself having conversations about fairies or the planets with your kids? Are they really interested in cooking or craft? Use that passion, and find your kids books that appeal to their personalities. They don’t have to be fiction books – non-fiction is just as effective, and some kids respond more to those. You can also find activities revolving around books to help them discover a love of reading, like treasure hunts or arts and crafts.
  • Carry books with you wherever you go. Next time you’re stuck at the Doctor’s surgery or on the bus, pick up a book and read to your child. The time will pass more quickly, and you’ll both have a great time. You’re offering books up as a treat or a reward, which makes reading more attractive.
  • Allow your child to choose his or her own books. They’ll be so much more likely to want to read something they’ve chosen themselves!

What have you tried to get your child more interested in reading? With any luck, after a bit of persistence and creativity, your little reluctant reader will emerge a glorious little bookworm!

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