Getting a good night’s sleep is as simple as 1,2,3 with a  sleep trainer clock


Getting your child to have a good night’s sleep is essential for both their growth and development as well as your sanity.


Using a Sleep Trainer Clock with built in Night Light offers a fantastic way for your child to get a better, deeper sleep throughout the night and there are some great benefits at having a clock within your child’s bedroom:

For Babies:

  • Offering a soft glow of light; night lights help parents of young babies find the dummy easier or aid your vision when undertaking a nappy change.
  • Equipped as a sound machine, the sleep trainer clocks offer the ability to use white noise to settle baby into sleep.

For Toddlers:

  • More prone to becoming scared at night, the night light is reassuring, helping to ease their fears and making them to feel safer throughout the night.
  • The sleep trainer clock can help your toddler know when they should still be sleeping, when it is time to be quiet and when it is okay to get out of bed. Perhaps this could even get mum a little extra sleep?!?
  • Ideal for toddlers who like structure; you can also set the sleep trainer clocks for nap time, so that even if they don’t sleep they don’t constantly keep coming out of the room.


With a range of children’s sleep trainer clocks on the market, we tested two of the leading brands to help you understand what they offer.


mella-little-hippo-sleep-trainer-clockMella Little Hippo

The Mella Little Hippo offers a stylish night light, sleep trainer and sound machine all in one. This clock will fit into any room and is a great option even for older children.

As a Sleep Trainer Clock, the Mella Little Hippo has a smiley face on the clock along with a light up colour display around the clock face that shows your child in pictures and colours when it is time to sleep, almost time to wake up (play quietly) and then when it is okay to wake up and get out of bed. There are 5 colours to choose from and while it may take a little work to explain to your child what each colour/face means, eventually you will be rewarded as they realise when they can get up.

The Mella Little Hippo also offers:

  • a sound machine with 3 peaceful sounds to soothe your child to sleep.
  • The ability to set 3 alarms, although I chose not to set any as I would LOVE it if my child overslept!
  • Digital time display

mella-little-hippo-sleep-trainer-clockThe Little Hippo is easy to set up and I like that you can turn on the light at any point in time if required. As it is made by an overseas company, the plug at the moment is not Australian, however you can solve the issue very easily by using a USB wall adapter.

RRP: $63.59




The GroClock has a cute childish design which is perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers. The friendly sun and moon faces along with the yellow and blue colours make the concept of sleep and awake time very easy to understand.

In addition to the two faces; once set, the Groclock places stars around the moon that count down to ‘wake up’ time, so you can teach your child what the stars mean so they know when there is still a lot of sleeping time to go or it is almost wake up time. The button to set the clock and timer is very easy to do and will easily become a habit.

The GroClock also offers:

  • Ability to easily set for nap times.
  • The ability to child lock the clock so that little fingers do not change the time to wake to suit them.
  • Optional alarm.
  • Digital time display
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Comes with a fun bedtime story book to help your child understand when to sleep or wake.

RRP: $59.95


Overall, I love the concept of a sleep trainer clock as it offers a combined solution with the night light. The way it teaches children when it is too early to wake up is beneficial for all parents as they don’t go waking siblings and potentially mum can get a little more much needed sleep.


We would love to hear from you if you have a great sleep trainer clock that you would recommend.



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