How Night Lights Help the Transition to Big Beds


You know it’s time for your child to move to the big bed but you are nervous about making the transition. There are several things you can do to make it easier on your child. One of those things is to have a night light in your child’s room. A night light can provide comfort to your toddler especially if the child is afraid of monsters in the closet or is fearful of darkness. If your child has an active imagination and is often afraid that something or someone is lurking in darkness, this can definitely calm those fears.

There are children who suffer from night time anxiety and turning off the light in the room can be a terrifying experience for such a child. A night light will solve the problem. There is just enough light for the child to see around the room, without interfering with his or her ability to fall asleep. If you find that your child is still afraid and would prefer a light that is much brighter, consider getting a night light with a dimmer on it so that from one day to the next you can dim the light progressively.


It is recommended that in order to reduce night awakenings and help your child sleep all night you should do your best to keep night encounters few and very low profile. That means night interactions should be at a minimal and lights should be kept dim. A night light is great for facilitating that. It’s not bright enough to interrupt your child’s sleep cycle but will allow you to tend to him or her as needed without having to stumble in the dark which could cause a ruckus and wake the child.


Remember that a light that is too bright can trick the body into thinking that it is morning so keep the light as dim as possible. That way even if your child wakes up at night, he or she can still go back to bed with ease. A soft, dim light works best in the night so as not to disrupt a sleep pattern that may still be fragile at best.


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