Nightlight Nurturing- Making Your Child’s Bedroom A Sleep Sanctuary


Sleep is so important to adults and children alike. For growing bodies and minds, quality sleep encourages healthy growth and routines, and can establish good sleeping patterns for life.

The following sleep sanctuary tips are aimed at helping you create a space for your child to sleep soundly in, day or night.

Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

For many children, sleep time can be filled with scary thoughts. These are sometimes linked back to the darkness and quietness of a room prepared for sleep.

A simple solution is often to install a night light, which provides a small amount of light so that your child can see any perceived movements in the dark. Night lights also allow your child to move around if they need to – without the risk of injury.

Unfortunately, not all night lights are made equally. The colour and the quality of light from a night light is an important factor in creating a sense of calm and releasing stress from your child. Studies have shown that red led light is more conducive to feelings of calmness and relaxation in subjects than blue or white light. These more common lighting colours can actually trigger further unease in your child and disturb them from more peaceful slumber.

The simple takeaway from this to always opt for red light when selecting a baby night light for your child. Interestingly, it could also go some way to explaining why the gentle flicker of warm candlelight is soothing to many.

Snug As A Bug

Climate control is another important consideration if you’re designing a room for maximum sleep potential.

Although comfortable blankets and sleepwear are integral to creating a comfortable environment, it’s also important that you create enough ventilation for your child, as a source of fresh air can often provide the natural regulation that their growing body requires.

In cold climates, many opt for the use of heated blankets or hot water bottles. These can be dangerous – particularly blankets with heating elements, as any exposure to moisture can result in electric shock. Hot water bottles are also common sources of nasty burns and are best left to adults and older children. Use of these items for babies is never recommended.

A better choice for warmth is through cosy fibres such as bamboo, cotton and flannelette. These provide warmth which can be layered, with the bonus of being electricity free.

For truly icy climates, a heating device such as a heater or central heating is the most sensible option, paired with ample soft blankets and comforters.

Sleep Soundly

Sound forms another important consideration when creating a sleep sanctuary for your child. In the modern world, we’re commonly living in close quarters, with neighbours, businesses and road noises all competing for precious decibels. We’ve become so used to sound saturation that complete quiet is rare for many of us – and disarming.

The quiet of night can also be a cause for anxiety in many children. Strange noises can be built into many and catastrophic things in young minds. In these instances, it can be handy to consider noise generating devices or recordings, such as ASMR.

Put simply, ASMR (or ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’) utilises natural sound cues to induce a feeling of deep relaxation in the body and brain through a process similar to synaesthesia. It sounds much more technical and difficult than the reality. To test the efficacy of this approach, many samples can be downloaded online. Speak with your child and ask if they find any particularly appealing.

Creating a sleep sanctuary for your child is a great way to establish healthy sleeping habits for life. By associating sleep time with calm, comforting behaviours, you child can enjoy bedtime like never before.


Article from E Hudes.


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