Soup: an easy dinner for busy mums


One of the things I like about soup is that it is a simple quick and easy dish to create. There is minimal washing up as everything is cooked in one pot (generally) and while the soup is cooking you can do other activities. It is great on a cool night when you want some warm food and you can generally find a recipe to utilise what you have in your crisper. It can be light and refreshing or it can be fulfilling. You can add lentils, soup mixes or little pasta shapes/spaghetttini to it to make the soup more fulfilling.

Soup for me is an easy dinner idea and when making soup you can double the ingredients to freeze a batch so that on a busy day you have a dinner ready to go. Another great thing with soup is that I can make it while the kids are at school and then just heat it up after sports training for a quick dinner.

Basic soup requirements:

  1. Large pot to boil the soup mix
  2. Stick blender to blend ingredients together
  3. Good quality bread to go with the soup.


While undertaking our #mumscookingchallenge I have found the two best things about soup which make it such an easy dinner for busy mums are:

  1. I have been able to create soups with what I have in the pantry. So I have not needed to go out and buy any groceries to make dinner. This means that on days when you are limited on time you can search for a soup recipe to match what ingredients you have at home.
  2. Generally the soup recipes only take 30 minutes to cook and better still you don’t have to be stirring or mixing – you can get it ready, put it on to simmer and then do other chores – perfect for the busy mum who is always multitasking.


What do you like about soup? What recipes are your favourite?


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