Busy Mums Magazine Features 2016

Below are the topics that will be covered in the Busy Mums Magazine throughout 2016.

Each edition of the Busy Mums Magazine has key areas of Beauty and Fashion, Lifestyle, Cooking and Travel. Additional focuses will be included as/when relevant. Within each edition and topic we are looking to provide mums with informative articles, trends, tips and tricks about the subject as well as the latest gadgets to help.

March Edition
Beauty & Fashion: Nails Focus. Tips, tricks, trends and gadgets
Lifestyle: Slowing down & Gardening with Kids
Cooking: Ways to reduce sugar from recipes/diet, boosting energy levels, food on the run
Travel: Farm escapes, Tasmania, Saving for your next holiday.
Easter: Focus on Easter activities, crafts and hats.

***April: Mother’s Day Gift Guide ***

May Edition:
Beauty & Fashion: Winter Fashion & Hair focus
Lifestyle: Working mums (time management, outsourcing, routines, tech to help)
Cooking: Using Leftovers, Workplace lunches
Travel: Weekend escapes, Romantic overnight getaways

July Edition:
Beauty & Fashion: Beauty routines, tricks for those short on time.
Lifestyle: Birthday parties & Kids Sports
Cooking: Budget dinners & Fufilling snacks
Travel: School holiday activities & Snow/winter holidays

***August – Father’s Day Gift Guide ***

September Edition
Beauty & Fashion: Summer Fashion, Shaping Swimwear & Accepting your body
Lifestyle: Lounge room workouts. Spring Cleaning
Cooking: Preservatives & Additives
Travel: Spring holiday ideas

***October: Christmas Gift Guide****

November Edition
Beauty & Fashion: Summer body tricks, Party outfits
Toy Special: toys for different ages, etc
Lifestyle: Christmas & New Year
Cooking: TBC

***January Back to School Guide***

There are a number of ways you can be involved in the Busy Mums Magazine from Product Reviews, Competition prizes, being included in our New and Noteworthy section, Article inclusions and more. Contact us to find out more.