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Between dropping the kids of at school, doing the washing, completing last minute errands and work, there is little time to worry about preparing fun and tasty meals. One of the biggest challenges for any parent is coming up with new and delicious foods that the kids will love. Whether it is coming up with lunchbox treats that won’t be left at the bottom of the school bag, or dinners that will get everyone eating their veggies, you’ll find inspiration on the MumsDelivery website.

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Tried one of the dishes found on our site? We invite mums to leave comments on the recipes for fellow users looking for great food ideas themselves. Let us know what worked and what didn’t, if you chose to add a unique touch that really transformed the meal, preparation equipment that you found really helpful, or simply let us know whether you liked the dish – share absolutely anything you like and join our community of busy mums sharing recipes, tips and ideas.

Have some tasty food ideas? Submit your own recipes

Had a moment of cooking creativity? Share your new family favourite recipes with fellow readers by submitting your recipe online with us. We all get a little busy, and finding time to think of something new and tasty can seem impossible some days, the more recipe submissions we get, the more choices mums have when it comes time to cook. Once users have created your dish, they can leave reviews to let you know how much they love it.

Looking for even more food inspiration? Check out our free mums magazine, which features some fresh cooking ideas to try out at home. We’ll also take a look at some new products, review equipment and provide some helpful tips when it comes to meal planning. This can be viewed online meaning you can read it on the go.

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