Mother’s Day Competition 2018: win great gifts for Mum


Let’s celebrate the important women in our lives. Spoil Mum this Mother’s Day by winning an amazing prize from our Mother’s Day Competition.


With Mother’s Day around the Corner, view our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for great gift ideas and recipes to spoil mum. Then enter our wonderful Mother’s Day Competition to win any of the below prizes!


Win a Susanna Bracelet from Sema’s Jewellery Design

mothers-day-competition-jewellery-prizeSema Tosya, Accessory Designer, working with semiprecious natural stones, creating bespoke jewellery commissions. Win her Susanna Bracelet valued at GBP50. Featuring Natural Stone semiprecious beads combined with tiger eye beads and sparkly accessories.  The Wrap-around bracelet looks elegant and comes with a single lotus flower accessory.

Effortlessly stylish. Set of 4 bracelets

See the complete range at


Win a Signed Copy of Mind Body Sold! Valued at $18.55 Each – 6 Copies to win.

mind-body-sold-book-prizeThis holistic guide to buying property like a pro – using your head, your heart and your smarts – will help you secure your family’s financial future!

Readers can learn:
·      The MENTAL strategies needed to buy a property or build a property portfolio.
·      7 proven methods to fine-tune and achieve your goals.
·      5 fundamental ways to create lasting wealth.
·      100 PLUS TIPS AND TRICKS to outwit the real estate agent, auctioneer and everyone in between.

To find out more about Mind Body Sold!, Elaine Davies and New Road Property:


Win a Living Fundraisers Garden Starter Pack

win-gardening-kitWin a set of 10 fun and educational growing kits from Living Fundraisers’ Herb, Veggie, Fruit and Flower ranges. Valued at $60

Living Fundraisers is an eco-friendly, activity-based fundraising initiative that was founded with a simple mission: to contribute to a better world by helping schools, groups and organisations raise funds through ethical, healthy, family-friendly fundraising.  It provides a unique range of healthy, sustainable and educational products to fundraising groups throughout Australia including growing kits, bulbs, seed-embedded cards, greeting cards, soy candles and healthy snacks.  Follow Living Fundraisers for resources and advice on fundraising, gardening, cooking, recycling, kid’s activities and more.



Win a Akhal The Moroccan Ritual Skincare Essentials from BIOME
Akhal Beauty Moroccan Ritual Skincare Essentials Kit_preview
Akhal [A-kal] is an indigenous Moroccan word that means Earth and reflects the profound symbiotic relationship that indigenous Moroccans have with nature. This skincare trio dutifully named The Moroccan Ritual Skincare Essentials kit is comprised of the Pure Rhassoul Clay, Organic & Pure Rosewater and Organic Argan Kernel Oil. Cleanse, tone, hydrate your skin with the Moroccan beauty treasures. Valued at $59.95

View it here:


Win a Mother’s Day Gift Pack from Me to You valued at $76.90

mothers-day-competition-gift-setThe Mother’s Day Gift Pack includes a 3-Piece Gift Set & a Mother’s Day Plush Bear

Spoil mum with this gorgeous gift set. Written on the box is: “Mum, you’re loved so much in every single way. Relax and put your feet up and have an easy day”. The Gift Set includes three gorgeous gifts for Mum, a sleep mask, mug and a pair of socks.

mothers-day-competition-gift-setIn addition to this the cute Tatty Teddy holds a plush moon with the embroidered sentiment “Mum, I Love You to the Moon and Back”.

Find it and many more gift ideas at:




mothers-day-competition-phone-casesWin 1 of 2 OtterBox Symmetry Series Phone Cases

Featuring an ultra-slim profile, OtterBox Symmetry Series stays true to your phone’s sleek design. The stylish case keeps devices safe from bumps, drops, scratches and dings. Suitable for the following phone models:

  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X
  • Samsung Galaxy S7, Note8, S8, S8+, S9 and S9+
  • LG G6

Valued at AU$49.95, each winner can pick the case to suit your phone model.
Find out more on the phone cases here:


To enter, view our 2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide and comment below, telling us 1 item from the guide you would love to receive (not a prize product), the prize you would love most and your suggestion for something else that Mum would love.

47 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Competition 2018: win great gifts for Mum”

  1. Mandy Graham says:

    Mum loves a scented candle.

  2. Magda says:

    mug and a pair of socks – one can never have enough mugs and socks 😉

  3. Michelle V says:

    Such a great compilation of gift ideas!!
    I would like to receive the beautiful Kate Spade Island Candle as I often light candles in my home.
    The prize that I’d most like to win would be the Living Fundraisers Garden Starter Pack as I adore gardening and growing my own herbs, veggies, and flowers.
    My mum would enjoy a shopping voucher or trip to the cinema.

  4. Alison Hunble says:

    Pamper Hamper! I’ve just had my 4th baby, and feeling a little worse for wear haha this looks amazing

  5. Mel says:

    I love the Harmony Ball Necklace from the guide. I would love to be treated to a Guylian Café High tea for Mothers Day

  6. Adele Smith says:

    Couchmate’s Relax-A-Mate as a bath date with a wine and a book lends to a sunny forecast and a positive outlook.

    The Erstwilder Gumnut Babies Nuttybub Necklace would certainly be a hit with my mum as she raised my twin brother & I (nicknamed: Snugglepot & Cuddlepie) with stories from May Gibbs. (she did an awesome job if I do say myself). 🙂

  7. Jacinta Nimmo says:

    I couldnt find or get onto the 2018 mothers gift guide so I went off the 2017 guide, any thing to help me relax in the bath is good, or the wax candles ( they smell great) but from the list of prizes above, I love it all but would love the fundraising starter pack, fruit vegies or herbs or flowers, great thing to get started with the kids.

  8. Jo Deller says:

    I’d love to win a Living Fundraisers Garden Starter Pack for my mum as she loves to grow things

  9. Sonia Chang says:

    After reading and searching all my favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas from Mother’s Day Gift Guide , Harmony Ball Opening-Lantern Gemstone-Bella Donna Sterling Silver & Brass from Oh My Giddy Aunt would be my Mother’s Day wish list this year . It has luxurious, elegant and stunning details to customise personal favourite style with lifetime guaranteed. I would cherished this special gift forever.

  10. Kathy Clark says:

    Win a Living Fundraisers Garden Starter Pack , to have my very own inside Garden as it would be such a cool talking point

  11. Barbara Fehmel says:

    I would love some type of facial, Massage or anything like that.

  12. Maree Gray says:

    I would love to receive The Rejuvenator Gift Hamper and I would love to win a Living Fundraisers Garden Starter Pack.
    A suggestion would be a lovely washer, hand towel and soap pack.

  13. SonyaS... says:

    From the gift guide I would LOVE to be gifted one of the Harmony Balls…
    The prize I’d like to win most is the Living Fundraiser Garden Starter pack…!
    And something my mother would love…..anything I give her!!!… 🙂

  14. Maggie Karner says:

    I love the Living Fundraiser Products. Grass hair, vegies, herb and flower growing kits. How awesome to do with the grandkids. So much to do and make throughout the year.

  15. Lauren Shave says:

    I would love to receive the Kate Spade Island candle to make some stressful moments being a mum feel like you are away on an Island. The prize I would love the most is the Mother’s day gift pack with the plush bear as my mum always says to me I love you to the moon & back so this would be the perfect gift and another suggestion that mum would love is a massage voucher and an hour for herself. Thanks

  16. adrienne harries says:

    Mum’s Yums for me
    something delicious not to be shared with family
    Okay I probably will share the treat
    But Mum’s Yums i love something sweet

  17. Jessica Ashbrooke says:

    I love the Kate spade large candle in island it sounds divine, I hope I get loads of candles

  18. Maggie Karner says:

    I love the gifts on offer at Jasnor. Not just for Mothers Day but for all year round. Very delightful little collectables for birthdays and Christmas and for just letting my children know I miss them.

  19. Maggie Karner says:

    I would love the Mummy Duckling with Pink Hat and Wellies from Jasnor and the 3-Piece Gift Set & a Mother’s Day Plush Bear from Jasnor and for my mother a Red velvet Cake mug from Jasnor. I really love the gifts at asnor.

  20. Heidi O'Day says:

    What an exceptional list of great gifts. All sorts of mums need all sorts of gifts.

  21. Margaret says:

    Harmony ball necklaces sound very cool to me

  22. Mary Moschovakis says:

    for me personalised infinity bangle and for mum personalised nini heart locket necklace from gifts less ordinary

  23. Lauren barnes says:

    The gift that inspires my morning coffee is DC Comic Cups, as somedays I feel like a Wonder Woman. To Win a Living Fundraisers Garden Starter kit would be ideal for our new house move in May.

  24. Callie says:

    1. The item I’d love to receive from the gift guide is the Kate Spade Large Candle: Island. I love the smell of coconut!
    2. The prize I would most love to receive is the Mother’s Day Gift Pack from Me to You. I love teddy bears and collect them!
    3. My suggestion for the guide is some crafty packs. I love craft and would like to see some papercraft or fabric packs.

  25. Sue drew says:

    Gold harmony ball. God knows I need all the harmony and relaxing in the world. Looks amazing too. Win win

  26. Brock says:

    Living fundraisers garden starter pack

  27. Judith M says:

    I’d love to receive the DC Comics mug ‘Mum always saves the day’ because as well as the quite making me smile, no one else in my family can accidentally use my mug! The prize I’d most like to win is the Living Fundraisers Garden Starter Pack as I could start a lot of small growing projects at my home, my Mum’s home and the homes of other relatives and friends with this pack. And my suggestion for something that (my) Mum would love is the Fountain Pen. She’s always doing crosswords or sudokus so this pen would come in handy!

  28. Eliatha Cyprus says:

    The plush bear pack….. so cute… Would love to win this… To share with my mum…

  29. Kathy Bowdlert says:

    A DC Comics mug would be lovely for Mother’s Day. I’ve recently broken my favourite mug so a new favourite would be lovely.

  30. Ann S says:

    I Would adore getting the Pamper Hamper as a mothers day gift , Indulgent and actually something I can use for me , My Mother in law would love a beautiful tea cup set for herself because she enjoys sharing a cuppa with her friends .

  31. Shelley says:

    Wow, I love all of these prizes and I’d be so grateful to win just one to make my day!

  32. Jan O'Bree says:

    I love the DCUK baby duck. It’s so sweet. The garden fundraisers garden stare pack would be ideal for my mother in law.

  33. Baila Cyprys says:

    I would love to recieve the DC comic mugs. We love comics here. I would love to win the Living Fundraisers pack.
    I think all mums would also love the day off. Time with the family, but not having to worry about the meals, dishes, laundry etc.

  34. Caroline says:

    DCUK Mamma duckling in pink wellies. Something else Mamma would love is tea and scones is some rustic little nook with a great view of nature

  35. Kirsty says:

    Loved gift guide item
    Mums Yum gift pack from Morish – their signature glazed macadamia nuts are my favourite!

    Prize I’d love
    Living Fundraisers Garden Starter Pack or Mother’s Day Gift Pack from me to you

    Relaxation and excercise dvds to motivate and de-stress.

  36. Rachael Lewis says:

    ‘Pamper Hamper’ ‘Otterbox Symmerty phone case’ Mum would also love lots of chocolate!

  37. Tina Elvins says:

    Bandana bibs would save my black outfits from milky dribbles and looking like I have bleach spots on my clothing. The living fundraisers would be my pick and I think my mother in law would enjoy the Morish Mum’s yum gift pack.

  38. Anne-Marie Common says:

    The Solar Tulip Stakes they look amazing and my grandaughters would enjoy them in their fairy garden.

  39. Anne-Marie Common says:

    My suggestion for something else that mum would want is a bracelet with her childrens names on it!

  40. Tess Di Pietro says:

    I like the ‘Sweet Paul’ magazines as I have a bit of a sweet tooth. The prize I’d most like to win is the Living Fundraisers Garden Starter Pack and I know my mum would love anything that I gave her as she knows it comes from my heart

  41. Angela M says:

    I’d love to receive the solar tulip stakes!!
    From the prizes I would choose the Living Fundraisers Garden Starter Pack.
    An idea for another gift could be a yearly membership to a local zoo.

  42. julie morton says:

    animal mug cat, my mum loves anything cats and would remind her of them every time she has a cuppa, purrfect present

  43. Elly Chen says:

    The harmony ball necklaces are just beautiful. They are stunning.

  44. Julie Vulin says:

    Kate Spade large candle, no such thing as too many candles for me! Great prize not listed…a massage voucher, mani & pedi, or maybe a cleaning service or handyman for 1+ hour.

  45. Terry I says:

    Love to win a Susanna bracelet absolutely stunning !!

  46. Lauren Hunt says:

    As I can’t afford to treat my Mum to a holiday away, the “Island” candle by Kate Spade would make her coastal dreams come each day. The Susanna bracelet is what I’d love to win, as my Mum adores the Lotus flower, the beads are the colour of her violin. The other thing I know mum would love the most, are handmade cards from her grandchildren or poached eggs on toast.

  47. Mag says:

    Start my own garden set will great ….. My biggest thrill in life is gardening

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