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Parenting Teenagers is tough, so we are offering you the chance to Win a copy of Life on the Haskins Insanity Compound.

This is a comical real life, no filter telling of a mom surviving the insanity of family life. It takes more than studies, facts, and ‘how to’ advice on structure and discipline to raise a family. There are parents on the verge of pulling their hair out and ready for a book that reaches to the very core of understanding parenting insanity. Here is a book that will get them through their trials and tribulations, teaching them the need to ‘lean on humor’ through their own journey. This book is a written and illustrated journey through 2016 told from a mother’s perspective, with crass anecdotal journal entries, 21 unique parenting tips, and focuses on raising three children, while maintaining a not-so-fairytale, but very comedic and loving relationship with her husband. This book solidly uses real life scenarios to draw encouragement and perspective from. Find out more:


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  1. The Joys of being a Grandparent. I loved this article, it’s content rocked me to the core. I was from a broken home at the tender age of 4 years and Mum flew solo till I was 10. Mum too, had a traumatic childhood, having been dropped off at a relatives house at the age of 5 and never seeing her parents again. When Mum married her partner, I was 12 years and I am thankful that his parents accepted me and my 2 brothers as their own. Yes Poppy taught my brothers how to fish, something Dad hated lol. and Nanny was happy to embrace including me and making special effort to help her make the Christmas cakes and puddings. something that I will always remember for the rest of my life. I loved them, and I know they loved me. It was sad when they relocated to retire but it saved Nanny’s life for a short time, as she found out she had aggressive breast cancer. I remember her telling me as a young teen how important it was to get lumps checked and her showing me her scared chest after she had a masectomy. Nanny and Poppy had many scars, most physical as a result of age and consequences of their bodies failing them. Poppy was a large Poppy and he fell over in the shower and the shower screen broke and almost cut him in half- those sort of scars. But we were also reminded of the emotional scars of my dad and his siblings having mud fights in the back yard and some mud landing on her neighbours freshly washed sheets and how my Nanny had to re-wash all the sheets, and clean up the boys. i loved their stories and I miss them after their passing. Yes I agree, grandparents are great.

  2. You cannot add more minutes to the day, but you can utilize each one to the fullest.
    This is the key to time management – to see the value of every moment.

  3. Dont Take Your Teen So Personally! and The Average Teenage Brain. After having six children go through this with me I know Dr Kenneth Ginsburg is absolutely ‘spot on’. It hurts at the time, but teenagers do grow into lovable young adults that will regret the things they said and the way they behaved. I believe every household with teenagers should have a poster hanging on the wall of the average teenage brain as a quick reminder to parents of why they are behaving like they are.

  4. I have a couple of tweens who are definately pushing the boundaries now; so knowing whats to come and ‘not to take it personally’ and it’s a stage is definately something that will help me through and keep me cool when they inevitably find and push those buttons.

  5. Tween Tood was a good article, my kids are 1 year off it and my husband keeps telling me – wait till they are teenagers!. I sometimes wonder if I will cope but reading this article (and I think i need to keep reading it for many years) to remind myself to not get so emotional.

  6. The article I found the most helpful was definitely “not to take it personally”. Something that is tough sometimes is the teenage hormones, and the emotions that inevitably come along with that. Any advice is helpful with teenagers!!

  7. I have teo girls 14 and 15 its like constsnt bickering ans girly dramas then add in two boys 3 and 6 and just to top it off im doing it alone so please this book would be great to read.


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