Win a Pop’lol Prize Pack perfect for Easter Craft Activities


The Easter school holidays are the perfect time to try your hand at some fun art and craft.  Whether you are staying home, or off on an adventure, keep your Pop’lol colouring pens with you for some creative fun!


poplol prize packFeaturing a choice of thirty fabulous colours, Pilot Pen’s Pop’lol range features vivid and vibrant gel ink in a selection of metallic, pastels and bold colours that will make your artwork pop!  The gel is so rich in tint you can even use Pop’lol on dark backgrounds and it will still stand out in stunning detail.


The ink has been especially designed to dry quickly so you can avoid messy smudges. Plus it’s acid-free which prevents it from fading out, so you can keep your artistic creations forever and they’ll look as good as new.


We are giving you the chance to win a Pop’lol prize pack packed with 16 x Pop’lol pens valued at $47


To win, simply comment below telling us your favourite Easter Craft Activities. 


By entering you agree to the following terms and conditions.
The competition starts 23 March and ends at midnight on the 3rd April. There will be 1 individual winner of the prize as detailed above. You can enter as many times as you want. All entries will be judged on skill and chance takes no place in the judging process. Entry is only open to Australian Residents. Winners will be notified by Monday 9th April.

85 thoughts on “Win a Pop’lol Prize Pack perfect for Easter Craft Activities”

  1. Mandy Graham says:

    Easter bonnets

  2. Love making Easter bonnets with my niece who is such a Pop’lol fan. Would be perfect to decorate in her favourite colours 🙂

  3. Dilber koktas says:

    We love making easter 🐣 baskets

  4. Sharon Johnson says:

    Making easter biscuits with kids or caramello egg muffins and then pin the tail on the bunny.

  5. Christina D says:

    We love making Easter baskets and decorations to hang around the house.

  6. Luana Gec says:

    Making bunnies out of toilet paper rolls and paper plates. We love to decorate the bunnies in either paint or paste different colour shapes on the paper to making it more unique.

  7. Lorraine says:

    I love to do Easter bunny piñata with the kids by using recycled cardboard, to do 3D bunny, filled with chocolate eggs. The kids enjoy doing our homemade piñata and the fun continues with hitting the piñata and in our game of “raining Easter eggs”. Nothing like a game we do it right from scratch. Love Easter crafts and games. Always EGGciting!!

  8. Lara Haynes says:

    We love the easter egg hunt & egg & spoon race then some colouring in activities

  9. Maree Gray says:

    We love making Easter baskets for the Easter Bunny to leave yummy chocolate eggs in

  10. adrienne harries says:

    making and decorating own Easter baskets to collect eggs on Easter morning

  11. rachel sinclair says:

    Making easter baskets for the easter egg hunt

  12. sharyn says:

    home made easter chocolates for family and friends requires the children to decorate snaplock bags with easter themes – they have so much fun

  13. mag gianni says:

    My kids love making baskets and a home for the chocolate Easter chicken who lays them eggs daily leading u until Easter

  14. Jay says:

    We love all arts and craft activities, the messier the better!
    Today we have spent the afternoon writing Easter cards to send to family & friends. There has been bunny drawings, lots of stamping and stickers galore. Sending love and arty surprises is our favourite thing to do at Easter after some sneaky nibbling on choc. Now its off to the post box.

  15. Lara @ Charming Language says:

    At the start of the Easter weekend, I’ll cover a table with a big piece of blank paper and the kids will cover it in Easter drawings so it can be our ‘table cloth’ for Easter Sunday. Keeps them busy!

  16. Cookie Williams says:

    Decorating eggs and Easter bonnets

  17. Fran D says:

    Easter bonnets for best hat at the family Craziest Easter Bonet Easter Parade. So silly!

  18. julie morton says:

    my 2 girls love making easter rabbit masks with paper plates and different coloured cardboard for ears, egg carton for nose.

  19. We love craft activities over the Easter break

  20. Nicole Marie Williams says:

    We love making signs for the Easter Bunny’s arrival….he needs to find us properly 😉

  21. Mel says:

    Decorating Easter eggs

  22. tracy wedding says:

    we love making home made chocolates

  23. Rebekkah vella says:

    Making easter bonnets & bunny ears these would be great to make them POP

  24. Deb Kennelly says:

    Making our own Easter baskets and decorating biscuits in the shape of bunnies and eggs!

  25. Sharon Markwell says:

    We boil real eggs and then colour them in. Pilot Pen’s Pop’lol range would make this experience even more fun.

  26. marie says:

    Easter bonnets is (mostly) a great activity. It does get a little frantic at times though. !

  27. Ryan H says:

    Taking the kids to my mum’s where they bake Hot Cross Buns and I eat them.

  28. Gabriella H says:

    Making paper rabbits to stick around the garden for the egg hunt.

  29. Charlotte B says:

    Making paper bunting to decorate the home with.

  30. vee says:

    A few kids come around, tables set up with different activities. A trunk with dress ups of rabbit outfits, making chocolate crackles with marshmallow bunny faces, pin the fluffy tail on the bunny, making a rabbit ears hat from different craft materials. Chocolate egg moulds decorated 100 & 1000s, traditional egg hunt and to finish drawing and coloring rabbit pictures.

  31. Roy says:

    The night before we put rabbit footprints on the floor and leading to the easter eggs, put a plate of carrots out. We draw a map for the easter egg hunt to. In the morning as a family we watch rabbit shows and eat hot cross buns, lunch fish and salad, drawing on a big paper rabbits then colouring them in.

  32. Amy says:

    Love making my daughters easter hat for the school easter hat parade 🐣🐣

  33. Diana says:

    Dedicating all of Easter Saturday to hand painting hard boiled eggs, ready for Easter Sunday, where before our huge family feast we play the eggs off one against another, until we have one very hard headed egg who becomes the annual champion, residing in Nan’s cabinet of Easter glory. These pens will come in so handy to me!!!

  34. Ern. says:

    Gingerbread Easter Bunnies, my girls love making then baking, and then decorating them specially for each family member that we see over the Easter weekend. It’s become a Daddy/Daughter thing, while Mummy/Wife goes and does her Easter Bunny duties, sorting out the eggs.

  35. Lauren Hunt says:

    We love making sock bunnies to scatter through the yard. With Easter baskets made of paddle pop sticks beside them and a handmade card. We then invite our neighbours over, for their kids to take away. The sock bunnies find new homes, becoming everlasting child’s play.

  36. Paula H says:

    We cut up soft drink bottles and turn them into rabbit shaped containers, paint them and fill them up with Easter Eggs. The kids love them and a great idea for gifts

  37. Chris says:

    We’ll be making Easter pinatas, easter-egg shaped, covered in bright crepe paper fringes and filled with lots of chocolate eggs.

  38. Rhiannon Jakobasch says:

    We love all Easter craft – so much fun 🙂

  39. natasha zinzo says:

    Perfect for my tow daughters.

  40. Belinda says:

    Making Easter bunnies and Easter egg holders out of egg cartons. It’s cheap, fun and looks great

  41. Harry Cornish says:

    Easter Bonnets are great fun
    Decorating for everyone!

  42. Lolo W says:

    This year, we’ll be doing a new activity we’re all very excited about: helping the Easter Bilby paint and decorate eggs, then helping him deliver these (along with chocolate ones!) around our regional locale. This is a programme aimed at raising conservation awareness and is also great for community spirit… and gets kids involved in generating both!

  43. Jessie Chibber says:

    Making silly easter bonnets and wearing them around the house like it’s a fashion parade.

  44. Sarahmary says:

    The bunny prints on the floor. My mum used to use flour and I’ve kept on the tradition.

  45. DIANA O says:

    Pom poms!! Big, small and in between. It’s something the kids Nan started when they were little, making them a pom pom egg, now they love making them every year to give to Nan. It sounds silly, but is really very sweet and keeps us all amused.

  46. Tracey lee Seckold says:

    We love Easter baskets for the Easter Bunny to leave the chocolate Easter eggs in we have so much fun it’s magical

  47. Tracey lee Seckold says:

    We love making Easter baskets for the Easter Bunny to leave the chocolates Easter eggs in we have so much fun it’s magical

  48. Melissa H says:

    Every year, we decorate boiled eggs with pens and roll them down the hill. There is a prize for best decorated and the egg which rolls the furthest (without smashing). It is a family craft activity passed down each generation.

  49. Lisa Singh says:

    My kids love playing with paint- so Easter Sunday they spend decorating and painting Easter themed plaster of paris shapes.
    We sprinkle glitter and add sequins and bows- it’s a wonderfully calming afternoon activity!

  50. Patricia says:

    Easter biscuits. We have made some in the shapes of Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and hot cross buns!

  51. Teresa says:

    We made orange playdough and shaped it into carrots and tied green ribbon around the top for my sons class mates.

  52. Anna says:

    I love carrying on the traditions of my Greek heritage with my children just as my Grandmother did. Dyeing the eggs red & making the Greek Easter biscuits known as ‘koulouria’ bring back the most wonderful memories for me, and hopefully, create precious ones for my kiddies.

  53. Bella Ri says:

    Making little easter eggs and decorating them with paint, glitter and glue! So fun, keeping the little ones entertained for hours!

  54. Sarah Jennings says:

    Our favorite easter craft, would be ‘coloured windows’.
    1. Cut a large easter shape (egg, bunny, etc) on A4 paper.
    2. Use tissue paper or cellophane to stick to one side.
    3. Stick to a window.
    Great colour easy idea.

  55. Shannon Wotton says:

    We love organising an Easter Egg Hunt for our younger cousins. We draw up a map and mark where all the eggs are hidden then the bigger kids hide the eggs and help the little ones find them!

  56. Maggie Karner says:

    Making boiled eggs and having the grandkids decorate them with colour pens,glue on thread and paper and googly eyes

  57. Margaret says:

    Easter egg craft and hunting:)

  58. Tanya Applfrd says:

    Craft pens are great for bringing the family together during quiet time. The pens come out, along with craft glue, stickers and glitter. And then the creativity begins.

  59. Maggie Karner says:

    I love making a small garden out of cardboard, paper, cotton wool, etc with the grandkids and then we decorate it with rabbits, bilbys and carrots

  60. Brooke Groth says:

    The Easter tradition in our family is making home made Easter baskets and hats ready for the big Easter egg hunt Sunday morning

  61. Renee Ballantyne says:

    Painting eggs

  62. Mick G says:

    marbling boiled eggs with the family to create amazing and individual pieces to share

  63. Hannah says:

    The kids and I love making Easter Egg Cookies and Cupcakes. They make a massive mess but have the best fun decorating!

  64. Matthew James says:

    Basket making, love watching the kids get so excited about the upcoming Easter hunt.

  65. nicole larsen says:

    The Easter Egg hunt in the paddocks as it can go for hours

  66. Chris haskins says:

    Painting eggs

  67. Maggie Karner says:

    I love making bunny masks with the grandkids using paper plates, colour pens, glitter, silver foil and cotton wool.

  68. sonya says:

    Our kid love making their Easter Baskets… because they love using them on their Easter egg hunts!

  69. Kevin Kelly says:

    Making the paper machete easter bunnies and hide them in the back yard even in the trees with a basket of eggs around their necks

  70. Isabel says:

    Egg painting as it is really fun and creative.

  71. Irena says:

    Baking Easter cookies with my kids.

  72. AH says:

    making my own chocolate Easter eggs from molds

  73. Melinda Bolitho says:

    We make maracas using plastic spoons taped either side of a plastic egg (like you use to hide chocolate in) filled with uncooked rice. They make great music and are easy for little hands to shake around!

  74. Tmeeka Henricks says:

    We love egg carton creations, chickens, caterpillars, bunnies too! You can make anything with enough imagination 🙂

  75. Maggie Karner says:

    I have the grandkids help me make bunnies and chickens out of crepe paper, cotton wool, tinsel, googly eyes, colour pens, cardboard and glitter.

  76. Skye Danaher says:

    I like decorating eggs in the old tradition where you draw on them with wax and then dip them in dye. The egg is then coloured in the areas where the wax isn’t.

  77. Tamara Lamb says:

    We love getting the craft boxes out of the storage room and making our own decorations and cards for family and friends.

  78. Becky Downey says:

    We actually made some sort of marble-effect eggs. They look amazing!

  79. Amanda S says:

    We like making and decorating easter cards, for all the friends and relatives who are just a bit over chocolate.

  80. Rita Maguire says:

    We collect all the foil from eggs and bunnies to make shimmering, glittering pictures and use a black permanent marker to outline and make our figures stand out!

  81. Mikaela says:

    decorating boiled eggs

  82. Kathy says:

    By Making Easter Cards as all the family love personalized cards rather than bought ones

  83. Maggie Karner says:

    I have the grandkids make easter baskets using egg cartons, cardboard, colour pens, glue and fabric remnants. The baskets hold four eggs to six eggs and the kids love using their imaginations to comemup with different patterns.

  84. Maggie Karner says:

    With my help the grandkids make easter cards for mum, dad, each other and their cousins. They use empty cereal boxes, glue, paper, crepe paper, buttons, cotton wool, wool, colour pens, glitter, stamps, stickers and anything else we can find in the craft box. 😊

  85. Cheryl King says:

    We love making rabbit biscuits and baskets

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