Coleman Sundome Tent: a 4-6 Person Dome Camping Tent


As the name suggests, the Coleman Sundome tent has a dome shape and can fit between 4-6 persons within. The camping tent is around 3m x 3m when set up, which is quite large. We were easily able to fit in a queen airbed and two singles with good space inside the tent for luggage and other camping equipment. While possible, fitting six beds in the space would be squishy and leave little room for anything else.


Setting up the Coleman Sundome tent is easy and I was impressed that my two children and I could get everything set up within 10 minutes on the first attempt.


I was even more impressed when my daughter and her friend packed up the tent for me on our second use. The tent comes complete with a bag to fit all the pieces into for easy storage and while we were able to fit the tent back into the bag the first time, the second time we folded it up; we couldn’t quite get it small enough. So, I loved the fact that there was an expandable option on the bag which made it bigger so that we could easily fit that folded tent back into. Genius!


The Tent before the Flysheet is on.

The Sundome Tent comes with a ‘half-flysheet’ which goes on top of the tent to protect you from both rain and the sun. Cleverly the flysheet has peaks on either side in front of the door and the back window to ensure it pushes any rain a bit further away from the entrance. Underneath the flysheet you have a large square dome shaped surface area with big mesh panels at the top to create good ventilation – ideal when camping in the hotter months. The floor is made from a heavy-duty PE to keep you free from ground moisture and to protect the tent from debris on the ground.



The Coleman Sundome tent has limited separate pieces used to create the tent (floor, flyscreen, 10 x tent pegs, 3 x poles) which means that you are less likely to lose an item or spend a lot of time looking for lots of different connectors/pole sizes. What I liked most about the tent was the simplicity to both put it up and take it down. The Instaclip pole attachments are super easy and simple to get the tent shape correct every time.


Coleman-Sundome-Tent-ReviewThere are two storage pockets located within the tent and at only around $150 it provides a great value tent for your family camping adventures.


RRP: $155.99

Available from: All good camping stores


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