4 Ways to Convince Your Children to Brave the Outdoors and Go Camping


We live in a digital era where children are given smartphones when they’re young, exposed to the internet from an early stage and understand how to use computers better than us. As a result, they can usually find all the information and entertainment they want from a smartphone device that’s the size of their hands. They rarely ever go out unless they want to meet their friends or indulge in sports, and wherever they go they will usually have a smartphone with them to stay connected.


One of the forgotten family activities that few children get to experience while growing up is camping. It’s one of the ultimate family bonding activities because it’s just you, the kids and the great outdoors. There’s no technology to get in the way and you have to find your own source of entertainment. However, it’s difficult to convince your children to go camping because they don’t believe it offers as much fun as staying home and being connected to the internet. If you want to get your children to experience the outdoors while they’re still young, then here are four tips to help you convince them.


  1. Show them modern tech advancements for camping


Many children are exposed to camping through stories and television shows. It’s usually depicted as a group of people going out into a forest and sleeping in a tent with nothing but a campfire to brighten up the dark. This is a stereotypical view of camping and it’s probably the only thing stopping your children from doing it—the lack of tech. With a power generator and a couple of modern tools, camping doesn’t need to be so disconnected from modern living. Here are some tips for choosing a generator for camping to give you and your kids electricity to power your devices and bring some modern-day advancements to your camping trip.


  1. Let them know about all the fun outdoor activities


Although children don’t like to go outside as often as they used to, it doesn’t mean they don’t find things like swimming, rowing and bicycle rides fun. If you pick a campsite with a lot of fun activities, then make sure you show them all the fun things they can do to help convince them to go camping.


  1. Allow them to take their smartphones


Going camping in the modern day doesn’t mean you have to unplug yourself. It’s absolutely fine to take your smartphone both for entertainment purposes and also safety. If your children are lost during a hike or if you can’t find your way back to your camp, then you can use the phone’s built in GPS or communication features to stay in touch. It also allows your children to speak with friends, share pictures and access the internet.


  1. Invite their friends along for the fun


Why not turn it into a social activity for your children and their friends? It’s a lot more fun than just going with siblings or parents, and they can indulge in activities that are more fun with more people. Remember to ask their parents for permission and speak to them about any dietary needs or safety concerns, or consider asking the other families to come along with you.


Article from Samantha Powell.


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