The Easiest Family Staycation to enjoy: Backyard Camping


There is not always the time, availability or the finances required to enjoy a lovely family holiday. That, is why I love the concept of the family Staycation; a family holiday at home!

One of the best staycation ideas is to take advantage of Backyard Camping. Backyard Camping offers a fun, inexpensive ‘family holiday’ that can be as simple or imaginative as you would like it to be. Enjoy great family bonding time, with the convenience and comfort of your own home. For children younger than 12, backyard camping with mum and/or dad is a great experience. For children older than 12, it could be a great and safe way for them to have an experience with their friends that is contained and supervised to your liking.


Benefits of Backyard Camping:

  • Limited expense – once you have the basic camping equipment you can enjoy backyard camping as often as you like without further expense
  • Flexibility -weather uncertainty, sick children; nothing matters when you are backyard camping as you can simply change the day to a day when you more likely going to enjoy your camping experience.
  • Luxury – A perk of camping at home is that you know the campsite has great amenities. ?


Enjoying a Backyard Camping experience.

The key to enjoying backyard camping (so you are more likely to do it more often), is to tailor the experience to suit your family. I love how backyard camping offers you the ability to tailor the experience each time; with how much or how little effort you can put into your camping experience.


  • For those using backyard camping to determine if you would like camping, try to authenticate the experience as much as possible (sitting on camping chairs, staying outside as much as possible – only relying on equipment you would have camping… E.g. no microwave, etc.)
  • Getting your children to pack as though they were actually going camping adds to the fun of the staycation; bring clothes, favourite toys and books to enjoy.
  • Get your children to help set up the tent with you. They can help set up the actual tent as well as all the bits inside; inflating or deflating airbeds is a great game for them. Also, by teaching them to pack it away with you, it will reduce your work load, making you more likely to want to do it again soon.
  • Ban Technology/WIFI – pretend you are somewhere where there is no signal, so that you can really bond with your children.
  • Enjoy a BBQ, eating at the table together and then enjoying some after dinner camping activities: Glow Sticks, sparklers or a game of Spotlight (hide and seek with spotlights)
  • Using a chimenea (or similar, if the weather permits), light a small fire to sit around, melt marshmallows and tell stories.


We loved our backyard camping experience. The children were over the moon, totally committed and I have decided that this is the perfect sleepover idea when they want friends to join us. My daughter is even asking to have her nearest and dearest over for a camping birthday party. For us it provides loads of family fun over the holidays that is affordable and enjoyable whenever we want it.


Do you enjoy Backyard camping and what more would you add to the above, to make the experience more enjoyable?


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