Remember Travelling Before Kids? Simplify your next Family Holiday


Travel is so easy when it’s just you or when you travel with your partner. Throw in a toddler and a baby and suddenly, your travel planning is taken to a whole new level.

The magical holiday you dreamed of is suddenly plagued by a million questions and none of them relate to how relaxing it will be or what wonderful things you will see. Family Holidays suddenly have you questioning: Can I buy nappies at our destination? Do they sell the same formula? What will my toddler eat? How will the children go on the flight? These questions and many more are taking the fun out of the adventure a holiday brings.


We have become a society of overthinking parents and I think it’s time we relaxed and lived a little, especially when going on holidays. I remember going on holidays with my parents and having the best time just exploring my new surroundings. These days we have access to too much information and we have become “google mad” to the point of creating stress where stress should not be present.

Imagine if we just started thinking “We are going to Disneyland and we are going to have so much fun” instead of “What will I do with my pram?” or “Can I take snacks for my kids into the park?” Whatever happened to just going to the magical place they call Disneyland and feeling pure joy at the look on your kids’ faces? Let them explore and be kids.

In a world where exotic destinations are more readily available than ever, these destinations should be selected based on what unique experiences they offer our children and not on the intricate details of how every minute of the holiday should go. After all, do you want a holiday or a military style operation?  Everyday life is tough enough, it’s not needed when you’re planning a vacation.

Imagine finally being free of the stress and providing your children with unique experiences such as seeing the Great Pyramids of Giza up close, eating pizza in Italy, taking a horse drawn carriage through the Canadian Rockies or even just visiting the new Ferrari World in Dubai. How sweet life could be if we just took a breath and remembered what we were like pre-children. Although life changes after children it doesn’t mean that we cannot keep some of the old “us” alive.  Although your holidays will never be the same again post-children, they can still be fun and spontaneous.

Who knows – you may even have more fun than what you would have sans children.

Your perfect holiday is in your own hands – close your eyes and think of your most desired bucket list experiences, book the tickets for you and your family and get started in crossing each one off. Stop stressing, be spontaneous and if you have the tickets booked, let the details of the day unfold as you go. Now doesn’t that feel good?


Author Bio:

Georgia Poulios is the founder of Through her extensive worldly travels her passion has extended into the PlanItNow brand – a fabulous flashcard style “things to do” website that allows families to view exciting adventures in every country and select from three options for every price range.


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