Purple Rice Paper Rolls


These Purple Rice Paper Rolls offer a healthy, interesting school lunch which offers variety from the standard sandwiches.

½ packet Vermicelli noodles
Couple of drops of Purple grape Hopper natural food colouring
10 Rice paper sheets
1 cup Lettuce – shredded
1 cup baby spinach – shredded
1 cup carrot – julienned
Left over roast chicken – shredded

Follow vermicelli packet to cook. Drain vermicelli and add a few drops of food colouring, mix to colour all vermicelli evenly.

Fill large shallow plate with water and place 1 rice paper sheet into the water for 30 seconds. Remove and place on damp clean tea towel. Add filling including coloured vermicelli to one end of rice paper. Roll ½ way, tuck in the sides and continuing rolling. Repeat to make more rice paper rolls.


Recipe from Krystal Preece.  Krystal is the founder of Lunchbox Pals, a company she created after being unable to find healthy snacks for her girls lunches. With her family right by her side the company now delivers hundreds of snacks every month to families right across Australia.



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