Win a Dreambaby Pressure Mounted Gate Set Valued at over $150.


Many parents choose to install pressure-mounted child safety gates rather than hardware mounted ones as a way of protecting their walls and interiors. Now you can win a Pressure Mounted Gate Set from Dreambaby® comprising:

The CHELSEA AUTO-CLOSE SECURITY GATE – available in black and in white as well as in a regular, extra-wide and extra-tall version depending on needs. The Chelsea Gate range also has optional extensions (not included) to fit very large openings including open-plan kitchen areas. The gates open both ways and Auto-Close from any angle and have been designed with a unique Ezy-Check® indicator so you know when they are locked giving true peace of mind! Importantly, they come with a Stay-Open feature too– perfect for when the kids are not around and you’re carrying a load! Prices start from RRP $79.95.


win-dreambaby-babygate-kitAlso to further protect your walls you can win Dreambaby®’s Protect-A-Wall™. This ingenious new mounting cup fits most pressure-mounted gates and helps to further preserve walls by ingeniously DISPERSING PRESSURE from the top supports over a large area, reducing direct force and minimising the possibility of cracks or collapses. These mounting cups also feature a soft non-slip, non-adhesive backing that further helps to prevent wall damage while allowing the gates to fit more securely. RRP $14.95.

win-dreambaby-babygate-kitPlus you can win: Dreambaby®’s Watch-The-Step® Gate Ramp RRP $19.95 – which helps prevent slips and stumbles when passing through a gate.


For more information visit or call 02 9386 4000.


To enter, simply comment below telling us why you need the Dreambaby Security Gate.


By entering you agree to the following terms and conditions.
The competition starts 1 February and ends at midnight on the 28th February. There will be 1 individual winner of the prize as detailed above. You can enter as many times as you want. All entries will be judged on skill and chance takes no place in the judging process. Entry is only open to Australian Residents. Winners will be notified by Monday 12th March.


THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations Julie Wan the lucky winner of a Dreambaby Pressure Mounted Gate Set Valued at over $150!


  1. The safety of my children comes first before anything else. And this sounds like the perfect way to protect them from going where they shouldnt.

  2. The Dreambaby Security Gate breaks barriers in safety for bub, while putting at ease first time parents-to-be, my brother and his partners, minds…Practical and with purpose…this first time aunt-to-be would love to gift them that assurance.

  3. First and foremost Dreambaby would keep my boy safe,
    From tumbles, tears and little escapes!
    About to move to a rental with stairs,
    A Dreambaby pressure mounted gate would save on future repairs!
    So clever to not have to drill the wall,
    And especially with stairs, protecting from falls.
    We have never had stairs in our home before,
    I am already panicking but I don’t want to anymore!
    A Dreambaby gate would put my mind at rest,
    My boy is not yet sturdy on stairs yet!

  4. I’d appreciate having a Dreambaby gate for the family room door.
    In winter we light a fire to keep us warm.
    Its a great way to keep both kids and pets safe from the roaring fireplace.
    It also won’t damage the walls which I spent all summer painting to get the place prepared to welcome our baby.

  5. Seems like yesterday our 2nd son arrived but he is 3 months old now! Before we know it he’ll be crawling, which will be stressful because I have 11 pins in ankle as result of being hit on a pedestrian crossing while I was pregnant. Two little ones ansd we have moved to a two storey apartment! Help!

  6. The Dreambaby Pressure Mounted Gate would keep an adventurous crawling bub inside and safe. At the moment he sees a gap and he’s gone, wont be long before he’s standing at the gate yelling at the world outside.

  7. My little one has just started walking and follows me around everywhere. Unfortunately, the kitchen is his favourite place to follow me into but there are so many dangerous or dirty non-baby friendly things in there! We’re in a rental where we are not allowed to put things up on walls etc so the pressure mount feature on the Dreambaby gate would be our saviour!!

  8. My neighbour is having her first baby and she has a two storey home. When he baby starts to crawl this gate will give her peace of mind.

  9. I would love this to keep my little one in eye sight while I’m cooking tea but to keep her out of the kitchen when it’s busy.

  10. Renovating the house, I really don’t want my baby falling down holes or finding things she shouldn’t, these gates would be great so if I turn my back for a second I know she’ll be safe.

  11. those legs may be little and wobbly but they move very fast.Nannas legs on the other hand a big and stiff and have trouble keeping up.A secure Dreambaby gate would make us both feel a little more in control.

  12. Not enough eyes (the ones in the back of my head don’t seem to be working) A Dreambaby Pressure Mounted Gate Set would be amazing.

  13. The little fella is now starting to climb, soon he will be able to climb over the ottoman we have to stop him leaving the lounge room.

  14. I need this to keep my little one safe whilst Im in the kitchen, love the auto close, because I also have an eight year old who likes to help cook!

  15. Because i loved the idea of an open plan house… till i had a baby that can now get into EVERYTHING. if i had this i could block the playroom in to keep him safe particularly whilst I’m cooking.


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