Leapfrog Farm Mash Up


The Farm Mash Up is a convenient & fun toy designed to help your child learn while having fun. It comes complete as a cute easy to carry tub containing 12 popular farm animals that can be mixed and matched to make 36 different combinations. The lid of the tub is where the action is with two slots into which you put the animal tiles.

When you put two matching animal tiles together a ladies voice (British) will identify the colour and type of animal (e.g. Purple cow) and then a song starts and it makes the animal’s noise The animal noises are great, perfect for the age it is designed for where at 12 – 18 months they love everything animal.

I enjoyed how if you put 2 pieces into the slot from 2 separate animals it says “A Sheep, Cow. That’s funny” and giggles. It provides perfect humour for the kids and gets them laughing, thinking of the funny combinations.

As with other toys that make noise, it has a greater ability to hold their amusement and keep them entertained for longer. I love that it has two volume settings so that I can turn it down if I want some peace, however it really isn’t one of those loud and annoying toys.

The toy is good at helping them build their motor skills as they select the pieces and put them into the slots. It also helps build logic as they think about matching the animals.

Another benefit is how it comes with the tub to hold all the pieces so you can keep them together, neatly without losing pieces. This also makes it easy to take out and about with you to keep bubs entertained.

RRP: $29.99ea

Available From: Major department stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.


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