LeapFrog Sing & Snuggle Scout


It was quite appropriate that we received My Pal Scout as he was given a Large Scout for his birthday. We have been introducing the smaller dog to James as baby Scout and the larger dog as daddy Scout. I don’t think he understands the concept of baby Scout yet as he hasn’t been exposed to many newborns, but he has shown affection towards  both the larger and the smaller Scout.

LeapFrog-Sing-Snuggle-Scout-Review3James was given this toy right before his first birthday. When we first received Scout I thought that he may have outgrown it. However, James loves dogs and he has taken to baby Scout more than I was expecting. He had never really taken to soft toys but he has a low shelf where we keep his soft toy dogs including Daddy and baby Scout. For the past few weeks he has been going over to the dogs and playing with them and giving them kisses.

I initially thought Scout was a bit of a suck up. He always lets James know that he loves him, makes him happy and he is his best friend. However, then I remembered that Scout is a dog so it makes sense that he is as easily pleased as are all of the other man’s best friends! He can be needy and ask James to play with him but not as needy as his old Mumma, who asks for cuddles at every opportunity.

Features of my Pal Scout include:

  • Rainbow Song
  • Sleepy Song
  • Shape Song
  • ABC song
  • It comes with a ring so can be attached to a pram or mobile

LeapFrog-Sing-Snuggle-Scout-Review3Annoyance Level: the voice is pretty annoying but the songs are cute so I’ll give it a medium level of annoyance. We have two similar toys of similar sizes but different brands and I have to say while I don’t love the green colour, it is my favourite of the three singing toys.

While I am surprised that James liked it as much as he did at his age, I think he would have got the most use out of it at a younger age.

Suitable for 6+ months

RRP $16.95

LeapFrog toys are available from Big W, Toys R Us, and independent toy retailers.

For further information on LeapFrog and its products, visit www.leapfrog.com.au , or check out the LeapFrog news on Facebook LeapFrogAustralia and Instagram Leapfrogofficial.

Review by E Miller.

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