VTECH Push & Play Spinning Top


The VTech Baby Push & Play Spinning Top is a bright, fun spinning top that lights up and plays songs and melodies that your baby/ toddler is sure to enjoy!

The easy to press plunger in the centre meant my 2-year-old had it worked out and the animals spinning around and around in no time! Whilst the main body of the spinning top spins when the plunger is pressed, the base is a turntable so that the plunger itself doesn’t spin and the toy remains stationary. As well as the plunger, the four coloured numbers can be pressed as can the animals to begin interaction.

vtech-spinning-top-reviewI really love the Spinning Top! The numbered buttons are also different shapes, and upon depressing the button the numbers and the shapes are announced. They also start melodies and sing along songs: and there’s a volume switch for normal and loud! It’s fantastic! Another point is that it doesn’t need to be switched on for the spinning function to work (great if you have a napping baby as it’s being played with!). But Master 2’s favourite buttons are the animals themselves: they announce their colour and what sort of animal they are. He also loves bopping along to the catchy tunes, and occasionally humming along to one of the well-known songs (such as Old Macdonald Had a Farm).

The spinning of the top is easy to work and spins smoothly. The flashing lights as the top turns has proven a big hit, and my boys love watching all the colours blur together! It’s recommended for ages 6-30 months, and I know this would have been something my kids would have loved from around 6 months old…the combination of the beautiful colours and cute little animals, plus flashing lights and songs is a winner!

Readily available instore at most toy retailers, the VTech Baby Push & Play Spinning Top is a really wonderful toy and a great gift idea for babies & young toddlers.

RRP: $29.00

For further information on VTech and its products, visit www.vtech.com.au , or check out the VTech news on Facebook @ VTechANZ and Instagram @vtech_electronics_australia.


Reviewed by Sara Johnston, mum to 2 lovely boys.


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