My Little Love Heart Bandana Bibs for Drooling Babies

bandana bib review

These Bandana Bibs are fashionable, made of quality fabric and work well for dribbly babies.


The My Little Love Heart bandana bibs are handmade right here in Australia, in Perth. The top design fabric is soft, and the backing is even softer! The bandana bib in Flamingo design that I received to review with my ten-month-old son is well made with even stitching around the edge of the bib. A pet hate of mine is uneven stitching in new products!


Upon touch, these Bandana Bibs feel like a quality made baby bib!


The eco-friendly design means the front has been made of 100% cotton and the backing material has been made of both organic cotton & bamboo. Made from natural materials that are perfect for my little one’s skin as it doesn’t contain tiny microfibres of irritating (and toxic) plastic. Whilst we’re on the subject of plastic; I was very impressed at the absence of plastic upon opening the bib (, the only plastic component is the small fasteners). The tag was tied on using soft string, without any of the yucky plastic tag-staple things in sight! I love supporting companies that have our Earth’s interests in heart and mind. 


When my bub is teething, he tends to dribble more than I would ever have believed possible. The collar of his shirt is constantly wet and irritates his skin on his chest and chin, adding to his discomfort. The bandana style of bib is wonderful because it has two layers, with the top layer sitting off his chest, relieving the symptoms of having drool soaking his skin all day, while the backing layer is super absorbent.


I prefer to use bandana bibs for the purpose of absorbing dribble than conventional types, as I feel they’re stylish and comfortable for bub.


The hemmed material around the edges of the bib are not harsh and don’t dig into his beautiful soft skin. The clasp is an easy button clasp style: in fact, there are two buttons to adjust the neck width to best suit your bub/ toddler. These baby bibs are designed to suit children from approximately 3 months to 2 years. 


With unique and trendy designs, the My Little Love Heart bandana bibs are such a hit with my little boy.


bandana-bib-reviewThe patterns are unique enough to attract compliments and questions about where it’s from, but also soft enough that they easily compliment a range of outfits! I have my eye on a few of the darker designs for his light-coloured t-shirt & jeans look. The best part is you don’t even need to be a kid’s fashionista to get it right: they easily dress up any outfit with minimal effort.


These Bandana Bibs are a gorgeous and practical baby gift idea. Most of the bibs are unisex and the double clasp makes the sizing impossible to get wrong! My little boy adores his and happily wears it all day without trying to rip it off in temper; a big thumbs up from me!


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RRP: $15.95


Reviewed by S Johnston, mum of three lovely boys.

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