Baby Love Cosi Fit Toddler Nappies

Baby Love Cosi Fit Toddler Nappies Review

As a mum of three boys I like to think I have tried every nappy brand and type on the market. Always returning to my favourite old brand that I have been buying for 6 years.


I must admit I was pretty sceptical when I received a box of Baby Love Cosi Fit toddler nappies to try on my 1 year old 12 kg baby. But I was pleasantly surprised!


From a fit perspective, I have found the Baby Love nappies great. They have a comfort indicator which helps you to know if the nappies are a good fit or you need to go up or down a size.


Texturally these are the first nappies in Australia to have specifically designed gathers that stop red marks on baby’s legs. These gathers are also great because they provide protection against leakage. Something that is super important to me, particularly at night.


This month Baby Love have released a special edition nappy across all of the jumbo packs which features Sesame Street characters, including a free Sesame Street wall decal. They are available from Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Big W, Babies ‘r Us and Chemist Warehouse during November and December.


Review from H Smee

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