Uniden Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor (BW3102) Review


The Baby Video Monitor provides peace of mind for parents as they can know with full confidence how their child is sleeping.


Who doesn’t love to watch their baby’s sleep patterns? It’s a moment in time where all the chaos melts away and you can think to yourself “wow, we’re doing ok. Look how peaceful and content my beautiful baby boy looks.”  Those were my thoughts the first night I closed my 9-month old’s door and watched him fall asleep on the Baby Video Monitor. It was such a touching moment, for me. Pure contentment…


The features of the Uniden Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor are both extensive and impressive; including:

  • the nightlight;
  • night vision;
  • temperature display;
  • a selection of lullabies;
  • remote view (via the Uniden smartphone app, allowing you to see your little one from anywhere in the world); and
  • the zoom and pan capabilities.


Uniden-Baby-Video-Monitor-ReviewI love to talk to my son via the ‘talk’ option (it’s funny watching him look around trying to work out where I am) because I actually managed to calm him enough to fall back to sleep with my shushing through the ‘talk’ function: from a different room! No, I wasn’t being lazy: my entering his room when he’s stirring and struggling to transfer to the next sleep cycle almost always wakes him even further and then I find he wants to feed to sleep. Taking a good half hour or so from his sleep: often several times a night! It adds up and usually leaves him tired and cranky the next day.


I really love having the ability to monitor and observes my baby’s sleep patterns. The way that he transfers to the next sleep cycle, along with how he comforts himself back to sleep, without disturbing him.


Uniden-Baby-Video-Monitor-ReviewThe temperature displayed at the top of the screen also made me realise that his room was on the warmer side which helped me to better regulate the temperature. With the temperature function I can set a ‘Temperature Range Alert’. This lets me know when his room is no longer within ideal temperature parameters. Very useful for when that afternoon sun hits his window.


Another very handy thing is having the time displayed at the bottom of the screen. Particularly when it comes to working out nappy changes and feed times throughout the night. I find the monitor screen is not too bright for my weary, sleep-deprived eyes in the dead of the night. In fact it’s actually really helpful for seeing the edge of the bed when I return from settling him. Thumbs up for a dim night light for mummy!


The night vision of the Uniden Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor is incredible.

To look at the camera itself in bub’s room when it’s turned on when the room is dark, all I can see are little infrared lights that don’t emit any light inside the camera. Yet the picture on the monitor of my son’s pitch-black room is amazing! I can see him pretty much as well as in the daylight. I take the monitor with me everywhere around the house and immediate backyard. It’s so portable and the battery lasts really well (I do keep it plugged in throughout the night on the charge stand). The range too is impressive. I’m currently sitting in my lounge room with 4 bars of reception, and he is 3 bedrooms plus one brick wall away with his door shut. Talk about punching above its weight!


Now if I were to read a review where there were so many features and capabilities, I would be certain it was too high-tech for me.

Uniden-Baby-Video-Monitor-ReviewIn fact, when I first received the Uniden Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor, as excited and thrilled as I was to receive it, I felt a little overwhelmed. I’m just not good with tech stuff. But once I picked up the instruction manual and turned to page one…well; it’s self-explanatory. I ended up plugging in the monitor then plugging in the camera (the adapter cords have these handy labels that say ‘FOR CAMERA’ and ‘FOR MONITOR’). Then I set the instructions aside and just had fun playing about with it. It became FUN. That’s something I wasn’t expecting!


I spent the afternoon installing the video camera in different places in my baby’s nursery and checking the monitor view. Now first off, I should explain that there are three different mounting capabilities:

  • via the super strong, super wide clip on the bottom of each camera;
  • via the mounting screws into the wall through the clip; or
  • via suction cap mounts onto a window or clean, flat metal surface.

Initially I had the camera clipped to the top of one end of the cot (because bub can’t stand and rip it off yet ha-ha). That was great…until he sat up or moved to the other end of the bed and all I could see was a bare mattress! Too close…


So, for the next nap, I clipped it to the curtain rail on his window where I could see the whole bed: this is perfect because if I need to see closer, I can still use the ‘zoom and pan’ function to navigate his cot. I love that there’s a way of installing the cameras so that they are temporary and don’t have to leave any trace of them having been there: this is particularly good if you’re living in a rental home where holes in walls are undesirable.  If I did have one suggestion for the cameras though, it would be that I’d love the cords to be a bit longer…but it’s the case with everything, am I right vacuum-users?! Easily solved with a short extension lead, however. 🙂


Having two cameras included in the pack means either having a camera in two different rooms if you have two young children to keep an eye on, or two different angles of bub’s bed.

Uniden-Baby-Video-Monitor-ReviewIt’s so easy to change from one camera view to the next on the monitor simply by pressing CH>. There is also the Auto Scan option, which automatically alternates after displaying camera one’s view for approximately five seconds before automatically moving on to display camera two’s view. Effortless and simple to set up. As in, I worked out how to do it without the help of the instruction book. 😉 The pack is expandable to accommodate up to a total of four cameras, with the ability to view all four cameras at once on the screen, auto scan or individually view on one picture in particular. For example, I can use one camera in bub’s nursery, and the other wherever I need it. So, if our eldest son is sick for instance, I can put the second camera in his room, giving me the ability to check on him without disturbing him through the night. It’s such a brilliant setup and easily customised to suit each night’s own individual set of challenges!


The record function is another winner.

The instruction booklet is so well laid out that it’s easy to follow and understand what will happen if I press ‘this button’. I can even view the recordings of the monitor on my tv or laptop (something I intend to do if I ever see my little man do something hilarious!). Talk about the way of the future! And once all of the memory on the SD card has been used up, the monitor automatically starts to record over it: there’s a symbol that comes up on the monitor screen to let you know that this is happening.


Not only is the Uniden Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor SMART; it is also easy on the eyes. Very sleek and modern, the simple white & black colour scheme enables this baby viewing system to slot in effortlessly to any nursery, and indeed home. Gone are the days of clunky large monitors and cameras! Sophisticated indeed, and very tech-looking.


The Uniden Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor is in a class of its own.


It does everything a parent could ever ask for in a baby monitor, and then some. Smart, impressive, sophisticated and user-friendly. It really is the best of all worlds!


Available through Australia’s leading electrical appliance stores. For a full list of stockists, please visit https://www.uniden.com.au/stockists/


RRP: $249.95

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Reviewed by S Johnston


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