Closer to Nature Orthodontic Soothers

Closer To Nature Soothers Pack

I have previously tried my son on a variety of different soothers, all of which he either spat out or gagged on. When I came across closer to nature soothers I thought I would give them a go as their shape was different from the ones I had previously tried and they looked to have a smaller shield so wouldn’t be so big on his face. As soon as I put one in my sons mouth he stopped crying and sucked on it. He has not once gagged on it or spat it out intentionally.

Closer to nature have come up with a new design that includes a teat that is more representative of a breast or bottle teat which helps to optimise acceptance from your baby. They also have 4 new styles of shields which include any time (traditional shield with modern but understated designs), night time (glow in the dark handle making it easier to find in the dark), fun style (bright and playful design shields) and air style (holes in the shield to encourage airflow between babes delicate skin and shield). The soothers come in 2 sizes, 0-6 months and 6-18 months. Each of these sizes have the same size shields, and the teat is the same shape but just a slightly larger size on 6-18months ones. I love how they are easy to clean as gunk doesn’t get built up around the bottom of the teat (which happened to me with other brands and I was cleaning them daily).

As a mum, I want to use something that is going to work as I don’t want to spend the time trying a variety of different items only to discover that the money I spent wasn’t worth it. I am so happy I have found closer to nature soothers as they really are a good style, shape and size for any baby. My only problem is I wish I found them earlier.

RRP: $11 for a twin pack of the new design closer to nature® soothers.

For stockist or for more information, please visit the Closer to Nature Website


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