I am beauty-full just for being me by Tanya Curtis and Desiree Delaloye


This book sends a powerful message to children that beauty is from within.  You are beautiful regardless of how you look; what you wear or what you do.  You are born with natural beauty and so are your parents and everyone else in this world.


I really enjoyed having my 6-year-old son read this book to me but I also think it would be ideal for it to be read to younger preschool age children.  There are nice big colourful pictures on nearly every page with text around the pictures.  I noticed the book has multi-cultural characters. The children have different skin tones, hair and eye colour.  This made it easy for my son to identify with one of the characters but also reminds him visually that this applies to all children and people regardless of cultural backgrounds.


being-beautiful-childrens-bookThe book starts off discussing what makes us beautiful.  Is it the how your hair looks, the clothes you wear or the way you look?  Or is about the way we tidy up toys, make our bed or how we do things?  Then it discusses that beauty is from within our hearts.  Sometimes others cannot see our beauty but we must remember that we are full of beauty.  My son did a quick summary at the end of the book as the message is clear that we are beautiful on the inside and he said his mum is beautiful too.


I think it would be ideal to introduce this book to children at a young age before school.  This way we can read it to them and they can grow up with the confidence that their beauty if from within and that is not something someone else can change or take away from them.  My son is in year 1 and he really enjoyed reading this book.  This is our favourite book from the ‘Being Me’ series and I would highly recommend it for any parent to read to their child or for school age child to read it themselves. This is also a good book to reinforce these values with our children as they grow older and well as to ourselves while reading it to them.


There is also a colour in book which has the same story and pictures as the standard book but your kids can colour in the pages themselves.


This is the first book in the series ‘Being Me’

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I am beauty-full just for being me – Colour In Book

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The paperback copy is $15.00

Available From: The book can be purchased from www.sunlightink.com for $15.00. Paperback, 28 pages.


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