Cody the Pony – Goes to Pony Club; read our review of this kids book


Cody the Pony is a kids book essentially about a young girl and her pony attending Pony Club for the first time.


Mimi and her cheeky liver chestnut pony Cody have been together since Cody was two years old. Over this time they have developed a lovely friendship while attending lessons each week.  They have learned new things about each other and have a lovely bond.


They attend Pony Club together and have a wonderful day filled with excitement and learning new things. This book for children has a lovely theme throughout as Cody and Mimi are initially apprehensive but end up overcoming this by working together.  This highlights how important having a supportive relationship can be to your child as while Cody was initially nervous about attending Pony Club with all the other horses, Mimi worked to put Cody at ease.


cody-pony-pony-school-kids-book-reviewThe illustrations by Naya Ivashchuk create a soft and lasting impression on you.  The faces of both Mimi and Cody are individually captivating and expressive.


Both my children enjoyed this kids book.  They both enjoy horses and horse riding so this book was read several times at home and even was taken on a trip to day care for news.   My son who is 8 years old found the book enjoyable and easy to read.  He found it easy to relate to as quite often children of his age can find themselves nervous in new situations and having a friend by their side makes everything better.   My daughter who is 4 loved the pictures and laughed hysterically at Cody’s nervous face.


If you are looking for a kids book that is enjoyable and fun to read for a broad range of ages it is perfect.   With clear, bold writing making it easy to read for early readers.  It has prompted many discussions about when we were going horse riding next.  If only we were all as lucky as Mimi to have a Cody to ride anytime.


RRP is $16.95 and this Children’s book is available from and can also be ordered from bookstores worldwide including Amazon.

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