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my very own story

Now that Master S has started full time school he is absorbing books like they are going out of style! He has a renewed love of reading and once again loves listening to a story read by myself or his Dad and he loves finding words he can read himself in the text as we read it to him. As I absolutely love to read I find this stage in learning so exciting! New worlds are opening …
As a result of his love of books we are always looking for new stories and new things for him to read along to. When I was offered the chance to review the My Very Own Story books I jumped at the chance! What is better than a story with your own name and the names of your friends as characters?! When you are 5 not much apparently…

The My Very Own Story range is a set of books that can be personalised for any child. They have a huge range of different stories with titles for boys and girls that cater for a range of likes and interests. Each story is personalised to feature the child’s name, their age, hometown, name of two friends and an adult. These are chosen by you when ordering the books. Ordering the book is easy and done online. I found the hardest part was deciding which friends to include in the book!

We chose the book Too Many Monsters. I asked Master S who his best friends were and made Dad the adult / hero in his book. Our book arrived only a couple of days after we ordered it which was excellent! The books are hardcover, well made and seem durable. The print is a larger size which is great for early readers and the pictures are all colourful and attractive to look at. The story itself is fun and as it contains Master S’s name and the names of his friends he particularly relates to the story and finds it exciting to have it read to him. He also likes identifying his friend’s names in the text. We have read the book a number of times now and it still excites him to hear people he knows in the story. Good quality printing and clear text makes this book really easy to read.

my very own story reviewJudging from the number of times I have been asked to read this book since it arrived I can only say that Master S loves it and therefore I love it too. These books would be excellent as a gift. While the text is a little too difficult for Master S (who is 5) to read independently the language within the story is easy for him to understand. The story itself is about a child (Master S) who is having bad dreams about monsters which is the result of him making up monsters during the day with his friends! Every time they have these dreams another monster is created in Monsterland as a result Monsterland is getting over crowded! Something has to be done.

We really love our My Very Own Story book. Even Master M (who is 7) enjoys reading the story and enjoys reading it to Master S. The My Very Own Story Books are a fantastic gift idea for the child with everything and a great way to share a story with your own children.

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