Peter and the Wolf – Adapted by Ayesha L. Rubio


I am a total sucker for a good children’s book. I love a book with a great story, beautiful illustrations and a great message. With that in mind Peter and the Wolf, adapted by Ayesha L. Rubio, is a very welcome addition to our library.

This hardcover illustrated adaptation of a classic tale, originally written by Sergei Prokofiev, brings the story into the 21st century in a truly beautiful way.

The story is told in a way that is easily relatable to younger children and it contains a very relevant message about caring for and looking out for others. The language used is easy to understand and read. Master 5 was able to read the majority of the words by himself with only a little prompting from me and Master 7 loved the story.

The illustrations really bring the story to life in a stunning way. Every single picture tells a tale and provides further insight into the story which provides the story teller with an easy opportunity to further explore and discuss the finer details of the story. This includes the emotions that characters may feel and the impact of others actions on an individual. Master 7, who considers himself to be a bit of an artist, was absolutely enthralled with the illustrations. He loved them, especially the illustration on the cover which he has tried to recreate a few times already.

Beautifully done this book is a must have for anyone with children over the age of 3 who still into picture books and even those you may think are a little beyond them. The story is relevant to us all and the illustrations are worthy of a little extra time to really look at them and what they are conveying.

A little birdy has told me that Ayesha L. Rubio has a follow-up title, The Pied Piper, being released by Five Mile Press in 2016. I cannot wait to read it!

RRP: $19.95
Age recommendation: 3+
ISBN: 9781760067816
Publishing House: Five Mile Press


Reviewed by Rachie Rach


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