Xalien the Purple Alien Goes to School by Michelle Path


This book is about an alien returning to Earth to revisit the three children she met and became friends with on her first trip.  Sarah, Jessica and Adam show her what humans do by taking her to school.  They also learn from Xalien about what they do on her planet.


Whether you read this book to your child or they read it you, you will both enjoy reading it together.  My son is 6 years old and he was able to read the book to me. There are nice big pictures on every page with text around the pictures.  The illustrations really bring the story to life.  I noticed the book had bolded text when the characters are speaking, which I think is good for Children learning to read as it helps them to understand when people are speaking so they can try to use different expressions.


xalien-goes-to-school-reviewThe book starts off with breakfast, going to school, after school chores and bedtime.  My son liked this book so much, he paused while reading to discuss the school scenarios with me.  He could really relate to many of the school scenarios especially lunch and handwriting. He had good laughs while reading this book.  We also discussed them after reading the book and what he would do in that situation.  It is nice that the children learn from Xalien as much as Xalien learns from them.  It is ok to be different and it is interesting to learn new things from others.


xalien-goes-to-school-reviewIf you are looking for a fun book that your child could relate to and would like to continue to spark their love for reading, I would recommend this one.  My son has read Xalien the Purple Alien which is the first book in the series.  This is his second book from the Xalien series and he is looking forward to reading more books about Xalien’s adventures.  I do appreciate that Michelle Path is an Australian Author and will continue to read her books. Xalien the Alien goes to school is illustrated by Charlotte Roberts

RRP: The paperback copy is $16.95

Available From: The book can be purchased from www.michellepath.com.au for $16.95. Paperback, 32 pages.


Reviewed by S Hui.

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