Sing to Learn! CD – Volume 1

There is a lesson in every lyric.I love singing and dancing with both of my boys so when the opportunity came up to review ‘Sing to Learn!’ I jumped at the chance!

‘Sing to Learn!’ consists of 13 catchy songs that teach children essential values for school readiness and lower primary school curriculum content. Some of the themes and values covered include Family, Friendships, Care for self and others, Gratitude, Environmental Awareness, Rules and Responsibilities and Doing your best.

The target age for this CD is from 4 – 9. It does contain songs which refer to classroom rules and school, which may not be relevant to some 4 year olds, but the messages that these songs convey, e.g. following the rules and togetherness, are relevant at any age.

A favourite song of mine is track number 7 – Imagination – which talks about how you can use your imagination for so many things, such as a happy place to go, to sort out any troubles or problems you may have. While Master 4 may not fully understand what these lyrics are saying at the moment, I love the message that they have – don’t we all just retreat to our little tropical paradise every now and again for a ‘break’? This song always makes me instantly retreat to my happy place.

Although out of the specified age range, Master 2 loves to ‘sing’ along, and although he isn’t saying many words as yet, we are encouraging him! Singing is a fantastic way to build vocabulary and the songs on ‘Sing to Learn!’ all have fabulous messages, absolutely no swear words, clear diction, and are generally upbeat. What is not to like about that? He particularly likes track number 8 – All Weather Friends – which is an upbeat song about being friends forever.

Master 4 is always asking to put this CD on while we are doing painting or puzzles during our quieter times. He sings along loudly to track 2 – Our Class Rules – Ok! – which is a song about general class rules. He tells me that all the rules in the song are the same rules that he has at both Day Care and Pre-School which is why the words are ‘So easy to remember’. I think the fact that the tune is so catchy and simple helps too! He also loves singing along loudly and proudly to track 13 – One World – which talks about the world, different places, different people and different languages!

I recently took the CD with us on our holiday and the other family we were travelling with were impressed with this CD as well. The messages in all of the lyrics and the easy to listen to tunes make it enjoyable to have on in the car or at home. I’m still not tired of the CD and neither is Master 4 or Master 2 and my friend is going to order a copy for her family!

Great for teachers, parents and people who care for children, we highly recommend ‘Sing to Learn!’ I can see that we will be singing along to this for many years to come!

RRP: $19.95
Available From: Keystone Creations
Digital downloads available here.

Review written by RachieRach with the assistance of Master M, 4yrs, Master S, 2yrs and Hubby, 32yrs. Read RachieRach’s latest blog here.

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