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Lupi Lu is my best friend. Ok, I should explain that Lupi Lu is not in fact Lulu’s loopy sister, but rather an innovative toilet seat designed for toddlers and young children! The fantastic concept of having a smaller toilet seat hole, PLUS the normal sized toilet seat beneath that, makes for an easy transition in toilet training for your youngster.

lupi-lu-toilet-training-seat-reviewLupi Lu replaces your existing toilet seat entirely, and with the beautiful shiny white finish, what’s not to love! Our son’s toilet is also the toilet that guests use, so the mounting pile of toilet training insert seats, padded seats and potties that were beneath the cistern were unsightly and unhygienic. It was an issue I’d been trying to conquer for quite some time. With Lupi Lu, we no longer need to worry about any of these issues! It completely replaces all of this, and because it is perfectly stable and doesn’t pinch, nor do children need to be lifted over that front lip that some toilet seat inserts have, it easily exceeds any other toilet-training product I’ve tried thus far.

Made from strong polypropylene with a high quality finish, it’s super hygienic and easy to clean. The set-back hinge means I can clean right up to beneath the toilet seat. The classy design means it suits any decor, and overall the Lupi Lu looks and feels like a great, strong quality toilet training product!

Lupi Lu has quite a few commendable features. For instance, the soft-closing lid. Some time ago, my toilet-training son was frightened by an unexpected slamming toilet seat that slipped from his grasp as he lowered it, and he was scared of the toilet for about a week resulting in a setback in toilet training. Not to mention slammed fingers in the toilet…until I had kids, I had no idea how many things could go wrong with the simplest of tasks! The soft close hinge is a godsend, and it caught my 4-year old’s attention: he tried it out half a dozen times, becoming mesmerised! He loved it right from the start!

lupi-lu-toilet-training-seat-reviewThe installation of Lupi Lu is very simple and requires no tools. It comes with an instruction sheet, and the website also provides plenty of video tutorials and information. There are two nuts at the back of the toilet that hold the seat in place, and even better are the plastic bolt that are offset to allow for slight adjustments depending on your toilet requirements (distance from the cistern and between the two bolts). It took master 4 and I all of 5 minutes to fit: and that included giving the toilet a good clean beneath the old seat!

lupi-lu-toilet-training-seat-reviewThese features are all great, but my favourite thing about Lupi Lu is how user-friendly it is. It really is just like using a normal toilet seat for grownups, simply lifting up the lid and the toddler seat. I love that the child seat is hidden away when not in use, and my sons love that they’re just like big boys using the same toilet as mummy & daddy. I can’t speak highly enough of Lupi Lu, and the confidence that this fantastic toilet seat has instilled in my family over such a sensitive subject such as toilet-training. I wish I’d known about it years ago!

Available through in two different types: Standard or Blind Fixing (follow the uncomplicated video tutorials or measurements to determine which sort you require).

RRP: $99.95 for standard and $109.95 for blind fixing, free shipping, or a cheaper price for 2 Lupi Lu’s purchased at the same time. Alternatively, check out the website to find a stockist near you! 🙂

WIN! Win 1 of 2 Lupi Lu Toilet Training Seats for you to test and review! For your opportunity to win a Lupi Lu Toilet training seat, comment below telling us what points you like about the Lupi Lu seat based on our review. 

Reviewed by Sara Johnston mother to two gorgeous young boys.


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14 thoughts on “Lupi Lu Toilet Training Seat”

  1. Natalie Murnane says:

    Watching my sons aim through the small removable seat because they were too lazy to remove it is disgusting.. especially because they struggle to get their aim in the big hole!!! What a mess I’m sick of cleaning. This is a great idea her high padding of the insert meant wee would come out over the big seat in between the two if she wasn’t sitting far enough back… and the boys were worse. This is lower and rids us of that issue.

  2. sarahMary says:

    The installation of Lupi Lu is very simple and requires no tools! I’m not exactly what you would call DIY handy, so the more simple the better!

  3. Michael Beaumont says:

    The soft-close lid of the Lupi Lu toilet seat is a huge drawcard so that our curious toddler won’t get frightened as the lid of our current toilet slams shut or won’t accidentally get her fingers caught. I also love that the Lupi Lu seat would allow me to throw out all our redundant toilet training aids which would make our tiny bathroom a little neater and a lot less cluttered!

  4. Susan says:

    Love how user friendly it is for everyone with the child seat hidden away when not in use

  5. Tanya Clarke says:

    I just love how user friendly the Lupi Lu is!

  6. Laura Power says:

    What a fantastic product I wish I ahd this for my first bot he still stuggles with the adult sized seat. Our 2nd son will start toilet training soon I love that this fits so easily with no tools required!

  7. Teresa Nauer says:

    Easy to install, it has a adult seat too making it less of a hassle not having to change or add a seat.its simple for my child to use without the fear of jamming his fingers with the lid

  8. Tennille says:

    I love the idea of a fixed seat, we had a bad experience with a toddler seat ladder combo that was just so ill fitting. I’ve only considered potty seats since.

  9. Mel says:

    I love how it’s user friendly, just like a normal toilet seat

  10. Elly says:

    I love how simple it is and easy to use. There is not too fuss.

  11. Rachel K says:

    I love how it all blends into itself meaning it won’t mess with your decor or look of your bathroom. The fact it looks like a normal toilet seat would also encourage little ones to use more as they feel like they are a grown up!

  12. Jessica Ashbrooke says:

    I love you don’t have to keep putting toddler seat on it stays there so everyone can get use

  13. Helen Schulz says:

    With four under seven I’d like to review this seat. I think it would be something the mums in community group would be interested in too. I could see it in churches, community centres and pre-schools.

  14. Becky Downey says:

    The soft-close lid. With my other son, the slamming noise made him cry and not want to use it!

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