Leapfrog DreamWorks Trolls Learning Game


This game is great for the creative child. There are a number (6) trolls you can choose to work with and each Troll allows your child to embrace their creative side. You can work with poppy to make cards or scrapbooks. Within the game you can draw your own shapes, add Popular Trolls Characters to your artwork as well as other decorations and quotes to make the card you want. I like that the game gives you the flexibility to move objects around after initial placement.


Trolls-educational-leappad-gameThe other Trolls offer other similar services like Cupcake Decorating, where you decorate your own cupcakes and then can play a little game with some critters which will help your child with learning colours. There is a Fashion Design section where your child creates a new design which is then used for clothing and becomes a new pattern that you can use in the scrapbook. Initially this is quite hard to understand what you are doing, however once you have done it once with your child they will be able to create a range of new designs.


There is also a game with Branch where you have to stop the tarrantapups from getting your berries. This helps add to the excitement of the overall Trolls game.


Throughout the game, it offers educational value, teaching your child about shapes and colours as you can create different colours and learn about the colour wheel. As you play you unlock more items which then adds additional depth to the game. Suitable for 4+ year old’s


RRP: 22

Available from: LeapFrog Online


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