LeapPad Game: Paw Patrol to the Rescue


Pre-Schoolers love the cute pups from Paw Patrol, and the Paw Patrol LeapPad Game offers a great fun educational game for kids.


Throughout the Paw Patrol game, Ryder provides good instructions to help your child understand what to do. The game is interactive, constantly asking you to take a picture, pick the answer and it will help stimulate your child’s mind while they are simply having fun.


leappad-game-paw-patrol-to-the-rescue-reviewWithin the Paw Patrol to the Rescue game, you play missions and are rewarded with badges every 4 missions. Each mission uses a different pup based on their special skills/talents and teaches a variety of educational lessons. There is counting, writing numbers, learning patterns and more.


While playing the game, if your child is struggling to pick the correct answer, the game will encourage them to try again and then if it keeps happening an information screen pops up to explain what they need to do. In our test, it popped up to explain what a pattern is, explaining how to identify a pattern and know what comes next. I like that your child can click out of the tutorial if they don’t want the advice or simply pressed a wrong button.


For the more difficult games, you repeat the exercises a few times in different ways to help improve overall understanding. This also has a great positive effect on your child as they get more excited each time they identify the right pattern.


Overall, the Paw Patrol to the Rescue LeapPad game offers a fun, trendy educational game for pre-schoolers. It will teach them valuable Maths lessons while offering a fun activity to keep them entertained for mum.


RRP: $34.95ea

Available from: Toys R Us and Target stores. Find out more at www.leapfrog.com.au



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