Teebee the portable travel toy box for children

Teebee portable toy storage review

This innovative Danish designed portable travel toy case for kids had me very excited for a recent long car trip with the kids


The teebee is not just any plastic box. It’s portable, lightweight and comes with a very cute design.  It’s a sturdy, BPA free (food safe) triangular case which when folded out fits snugly between your children’s thighs while they play ‘quietly’ in the back of the car.


Teebee-portable-toy-storage-reviewI really like the idea of a portable travel toy case that can keep the kids entertained for hours.

The Teebee had my kids (8 and 4) very excited about the 8-hour journey north. The fun begins even before you set foot outside the front door as you decide what to fill it with. We filled ours with Lego but the options are endless. Food, cars, Shopkins or any quiet car trip games would work.


As parents; let’s be honest… the quieter the child; the better. Especially when travelling long distances with kids.

The Teebee design has three easy to clean trays which can be used as your surface. We took the option of sticking the removable LEGO base plate in which means your LEGO creations stay put when driving. I liked this feature as there is nothing more annoying that losing LEGO bits in the car.


The middle storage compartment is easily accessible when you remove the middle sorting tray. Here you can store any excess parts. It is quite deep and would fit a substantial number of trinkets.


Teebee-portable-toy-storage-reviewI like the ergonomic and sturdy design of the Teebee. The best part of this multipurpose travel toy box is it does not require batteries or the internet. It’s light, easy to carry and has an adjustable funky leather strap to carry it with. The bright colours make it fun and I liked how the kids were constantly thinking what to fill it with next. That is the bonus with a toy like this, the possibilities are endless.


On one trip we had pencils and paper, next trip we had shopkins. It’s versatile as it can be taken anywhere. Ours has been brought along for trips to the park, shops and even to the pub.  The very well-priced toy box has kept both of my children occupied quietly for hours in and outside of the car. The Teebee is available in five different bright colours and I love that they come with cute eyes to make the box more appealing for young children.


RRP: $49.95

Find stockists here:  https://axistoys.com/Teebee-Stockists



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