The Gluten Free Meal Company; delivering easy convenient GF meals to your door.

Gluten Free Meal Company Review

Finding delicious, nutritious Gluten Free Food can be a challenge, so I was interested to find out more about the new meal delivery service that ‘Gluten Free Meals’ offers.

The Gluten Free Meal company offer a range of Meal options including finger food and desserts.


The idea of having to cook two separate meals for the family is very unappealing and my hubby was very clear in letting me know that if I have to live a strict Gluten Free diet, he had no intentions to follow suit. For this reason, the convenience provided by the Gluten Free Meal company in offering gluten free meals is a huge benefit.


An easy working lunch

From a price point of view, each meal is priced at $9.90 which I think is reasonable. The quantity of the food is great for lunch or dinners as the rice/cous cous or pasta included is fulfilling. The order is delivered in a Styrofoam box with frozen ice-blocks to keep it cool and you can choose from a range of delivery dates/times to best suit you. I wasn’t home at the time of delivery so requested that it was left in a safe, shady place and it was still nice and cold when I returned.


Chickpea Curry with Samosa’s for Dinner

The meals are easy to prepare and heat, taking only a few minutes in the microwave.

As you can keep the plastic on while heating, you also don’t make a mess in the microwave. I tried a number of the meals and all were flavoursome, tasty and enjoyable. I was impressed that the vegetables were crunchy and although the Samosa’s had a slightly different taste to the traditional pasty, when heated in the oven they were crunchy and tasty.


At the moment, the range of meals from the Gluten Free Meal Company is somewhat limited however, I understand that they are working to expand their range of meals with more to be available by the New Year. I think this is a great idea and offers a good service to those living a gluten free life.


RRP: $9.90 per meal option

The Gluten Free Meal Company has provided an introductory offer for you to sample their meals, simply click and order here


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