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As a mum with three children in school, preparing their lunch boxes and trying to ensure that I include healthy  school snacks that the children will eat and like is frustrating and difficult.

All too often, I have children requesting different items or being bored of the usual snacks that I have on offer. I was very excited when I came across School Snack Box. School Snack Box offer a monthly school snack box delivery service. Each month you will receive new and interesting snacks for your children. The idea was developed by mum of 3 looking to help other mums find healthy school snacks in a convenient easy manner, ideal for time poor mums. No longer do you need to scour the shops spending time reading labels, when it can be done for you.


We tested the latest School Snack Box which came packed with 22 kid-approved snacks. The snacks are all tested by a range of children before being included into the boxes to ensure they will be eaten. I like how when ordering your box, you can state any food allergies to ensure you don’t get any products you cannot use. This makes it ideal and easy to manage snacks for children with allergies, or those who have ‘nut-free policies’ at school.


At $40 per month (just under $2 a day), you will receive around 1 snack per school day for that month. There is also a larger box option where you will receive 44 snacks within a box.

In addition to the sheer convenience that having school snacks delivered provides, there are a number of additional benefits the school snack delivery box offers:

  • The snacks are healthy and have been checked to verify that they contain no artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours
  • The snacks are dietician approved so you don’t need to read the labels
  • There is variety in the offering, with School Snack Boxes confirming 50% snack rotation per term.
  • As the box is delivered with the snacks, it could be a great way to get your children to try new snacks that they otherwise would not have tried.


school-snack-box-reviewWithin the box we received to review, there were 10 different snack items; from Chocolate Coconut Chips to Smokehouse BBQ Snaps (delicious) to Rice Crackers, Chindii Cookies and more. Every single snack was Nut Free, Gluten Free and Dairy Free with 90% also being Vegan friendly. There was also a good mix of both sweet and savory snacks.


Children however can be picky, and most of the snacks included in the box were healthier than I would normally purchase, so naturally I was slightly worried about their tendency to accept or reject the snack. With 3 children, we tried everything and naturally there were one or two snacks that a particular child didn’t like. This is normal for my children and as the snacks are healthier it may take a little time to get them used to the different flavours and textures. I wasn’t worried about it however as the one’s my daughter wasn’t convinced on, were the ones I would happily have to make my snack eating a lot healthier. Master J, my youngest and fussiest ate most of the snacks, and even said “these are actually really good” which made me feel great and more confident that the snack box offers a way for me to find great snacks that my children will actually eat.


As School Snack Box offers a monthly service, I like the fact that there is no lock in contracts to the service, so mums can try it without concern and leave at any point in time when it isn’t suitable.


RRP: $40 for a box of 22 snacks

Available from:


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