Harmony Ball Necklaces, offering Mother Daughter Jewellery perfect for Mother’s Day


Mother Daughter Jewellery is a new trend and I’m all for it. Daughters often want to emulate their mothers and wearing matching necklaces is a great way to feel connected and special to each other.


The Harmony Ball Necklace is a great fashion necklace perfect for mother daughter jewellery as you can get the harmony ball in different sizes or patterns to be similar, yet just right for each of you. Harmony Balls are also known as Angel Callers, Dream Balls or Chime Balls. They have a chiming bell containing a tiny Balinese xylophone which creates a soft sound similar to wind chimes.


We were asked to review the Harmony Ball Bella Necklace from Oh My Giddy Aunt. Sent a large for myself and a smaller version for my daughter, her face lit up at the sight of the necklace. They are Sterling Silver Balls covered with pretty little flowers. Both were on an adjustable black necklace which is easy to adjust, allowing you to place the ball exactly where you want it to sit.


These Fashion Jewellery Necklaces have been worn for many years by women who like the soft sound and feel that it is soothing. Many Pregnant women have also used Harmony Ball Necklaces as a longer necklace offering a reassuring sound to their unborn baby which they will then recognise once out of the womb.


mother-daughter-jewellery-harmony-ball-necklaceI love the idea of sharing a matching necklace with my daughter. It created a great bond and I think having matching mother daughter jewellery is a way to feel connected when you are apart.


Getting this Sterling Silver Necklace for Mother’s Day is a great gift idea for mums as it is affordable and offers mums the ability to have a fashionable necklace and feel special. This also means you could get a matching smaller harmony ball necklace for your daughter for their birthday.


fashion-jewellery-harmony-balls-necklaceThe detail on the Harmony Balls is great, making the piece stand out and become a great fashion accessory. I found the shape of the ball great to fiddle with (if you are prone to fidgeting). My youngest child loved playing softly with the necklace and hearing the noise when sitting on my lap.


I have to admit that I was worried I would sound like a cat, with it ringing every time I moved. I am pleased to say that the noise is much softer, sounding like faint wind chimes. It also doesn’t make noise every time you move, only when you ‘bounce’ the necklace.


In addition to this, I like that the profits from the Bella Donna Harmony Balls contribute to poor and needy orphaned children in Nepal, Bali, Thailand and Cambodia as well as the local jewellers in these countries. Not only does this fashion jewellery look good, it makes you feel good on the inside to.


The Harmony Ball Necklaces are available in Sterling Silver, solid 9ct rose or yellow gold with the standard black adjustable necklace or optioned up with a chain.


RRP:  Prices from $39.95 –  $795.95

Available from: Oh My Giddy Aunt


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