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At a recent blogging event I was offered a skin analysis from ARTISTRY® .


This analysis was undertaken using a professional machine that identifies 8 different skin conditions – hydration, sebum, pigmentation, wrinkles, firmness, pore size, congestion and sensitivity. The results were interesting. It highlighted that my skin needed more hydration and that the ageing process had started. Tackling these issues head on in my beauty routine was recommended to help my skin re-hydrate and help slow the ageing process.


The Artistry Beauty Consultant recommended products specifically based on my skin analysis.

I must admit that I was impressed with this method of selling as the beauty consultant is recommending products relative to me rather than the latest additions to the range.

Recommended for me were:

Skin Renewal Kit containing Intensive Skincare Advanced Vitamin C & HA Treatment and Intensives Skincare Renewing Peel.

Youth Xtend Regime Pack containing Youth Xtend Rich Cleansing Foam, Softening Lotion and Protecting Lotion.

Hydration Power System containing Hydra V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate and Refreshing Moisture Mask.


After using the Artistry products for the past few months, here are my thoughts:

  • I like that you only need to use a little each time, so the creams and products will be long lasting.
  • They have a slight pleasant fragrance and feel indulgent.
  • The moisturiser sinks in well and doesn’t leave an oily feel on my skin.
  • The Hydration Mask is super simple and feels great – a quick and easy once a week treatment for your skin.
  • The serum is great, and you don’t need a lot – I feel that the Vitamin C & HA Treatment has helped reduce the look of my wrinkles.
  • I didn’t get any adverse reactions when using the products, other than the skin peel; which happens to me with all peels.


Did it work? The truth is, without doing another skin analyser test I can’t say for certain. However, I do feel that it has plumped up some of my skin. Below is a picture of myself before utilising the Artistry Skin Care (with Make Up on) and an After shot – No Make Up, first thing in the morning. While it is hard to tell exactly, I feel that the area around my eyes isn’t as shrunken and that the wrinkles on my forehead have slightly improved – what do you think?


Artistry are currently looking for mums interested in selling their beauty products, so if you love beauty and would be interested, this could be a good opportunity as the skin analyser provides a tool to make the sales process easier and backs you up with scientific knowledge specific to each client. Find out more here:


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