BaByliss Paris Homelight Compact IPL Hair Removal


The BaByliss Paris Homelight Compact is an IPL Hair Removal device for use in the privacy of your own home: great for us mums who cringe at the thought of having to be at an appointment (or anywhere, for that matter!) at a set time.

According to BaByliss Paris; IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal uses optical energy to stop the growth of hair. It works by applying gentle flashes of light onto the skin’s surface to target the hair follicle’s melanin and root. These flashes of light are transformed into heat while the surrounding area stays cool: the heat from the flash causes hair to go into a resting phase, ultimately ceasing growth. As a result, hair-regrowth is weakened, and the hair sheds naturally.

Well, this sounds like a dream come true! Hair removal with no frequent (daily for me, I can’t stand the prickles) shaving or waxing, and at a time and place that suits me: I was super excited to trial the BaByliss Homelight Compact! Before IPL treatment can commence, the area being treated needs to be shaved (within the prior 24 hours) to ensure that the hair is in growth phase. Having already done that, I ripped open the box and got straight down to business. 🙂

Included in the BaByliss Paris Homelight Compact IPL Hair Removal box are easy-to-decipher instructions; the IPL Hair Removal device and cord; and a bonus Precision Trimmer (including the required 1x AAA Battery).

The first thing I did, upon reading the box and instructions, was download the BaByliss Homelight App on my smart phone (it’s also compatible with tablets). This keeps track of your treatments, setting reminders when your next treatment is due and also ensuring that you don’t accidentally go over the recommended usage within the set time frame. The app also times the length of each treatment session, and gives you the opportunity to personalise individual treatments for each area of your body and face. It’s very easy to use, and provides me with the ability to see where my treatments are up to at a glance. I love it!

babyliss-ipl-treatment-reviewSo, given that I was about to use IPL for the very first time, naturally I had some questions regarding the safety of IPL. Upon further research on the BaByliss website, I discovered that “IPL is well known & has been subjected to over 15 years of clinical testing around the world. Adapted from the same technology used by professional salons, BaByliss brings safe, painless and permanent IPL hair removal for at-home use”.

There are also a number of safe-guards built into the IPL device, such as the Flash Activation & Release Button, which doesn’t allow the unit to flash unless the contact sensor has full contact with the skin. It also has a power level intensity selector to give the user the ability to select a power intensity relevant to their skin type & colour.

Feeing reassured, I plugged the IPL device into the wall, and selected the correct power level intensity in accordance to the Phototypes scale located in the instructions and also on the app. The device makes a relatively quiet fan motor sound when switched on, and fits well in my hand to manoeuvre. I decided to treat my legs first, to see what it was like and familiarise myself with the controls. I was stunned at the brightness of the flash when I pressed the button for the first time! It was incredibly bright! And of course, I was staring straight at the contact sensor when the light went off: don’t do that. I also recommend that you don’t do a session with children in the room, as they’ll want to look at the light too. It’s safe for your eyes, however there is a warning not to look directly at the sensor when the flash is emitted. I have since worn sunglasses and find it more comfortable for myself. 😉

babyliss-ipl-treatment-reviewMy first session took about 20 minutes for both legs because I was having issues establishing full contact with the skin along my shin bones…then, when I had almost finished, it occurred to me that the device didn’t need to be used horizontally and worked perfectly vertically to my shin bone, and so the next treatment session for both legs was 8 minutes! It gets faster each time I do a session. I think because the device needs to be pressed firmly against the skin to ensure there’s a faint outline left so that you don’t treat the same piece of skin more than once per treatment. Just remain vigilant and you can use the IPL device on any angle provided you have full contact with your skin.

I feel like a whiz with it now that I’ve discovered that…ah the small things, ha-ha! Take a look at further at home IPL tips here

The flashes don’t hurt at all in most areas, with only slight and brief pricking in very sensitive areas such as behind my knee and around my ankle. BaByliss Paris Homelight Compact is comfortable, easy to use, quiet and stylish. With the claim of “Clinically & dermatologically tested for proven effectiveness with a 90% reduction in hair*”, I’m hopeful that I’ll be saving money on salon treatments and also time (I need all the time I can get these days!) overall.

With the treatments for legs being 2 weeks apart, and with the length of a full IPL treatment ranging from 12 to 24 months (depending on the colour of the hair and the way in which the device is being used) to achieve long lasting results, it will be a little while until I know exactly how effective BaByliss is overall. However, so far I feel that the hair is softer and I’m looking forward to continuing treatments and seeing what difference IPL can make in my busy mummy life!

Comes with a 2 Year Warranty

RRP: $399
For Stockists near you, call: 1800 650 263
For more information, visit

Please note: IPL is not recommended for pregnant women


  1. This was a very comprehensive review. I have always wondered about this type of non invasive hair removal appliances. Epilators can be so painful & I just don’t fancy using one of those devices on my face – which is quite fluffy around the jaw line – wax leaves me red, blotchy & tender – tweezering takes like ‘forever’& let’s face it – who’s got time for that! and shaving …??. let’s not go there .
    This might be a great ‘pain free’ alternative .to the expensive salon delivered electrolysis, but in the privacy of your own home .I will be watching for a follow up on this one Sara. Thanks for sharing.


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